Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21

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With jungle changes in LoL Patch 11.21, will we see new junglers in our jungle champion tier list?
Best Junglers LoL Patch 11.21 - Elise
Elise will bewitch you in the jungle this patch. | © Riot Games

With the Viego buffs in LoL Patch 11.21, we might see the ruined king in the jungle once more. But is he one of the best junglers in the current meta? Read to find out!

In this LoL Tier List for Patch 11.21, we show you the best champions for the jungle. We focus on the win rate and carry potential. After all, that's what matters, isn't it? What's going on in the jungle?

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Who Are the Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21?

Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 5 – Fiddlesticks

It’s the spooky season, so of course, Fiddle is going to be one of the top-tier junglers. Okay, not just his Halloween aesthetics have landed him on our best junglers tier list, but also his play-making potential. Seriously, can you escape from a Fiddle gank when he has ultimate? Hardly.

Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 4 – Elise

Best Junglers LoL Patch 11.21 - Elise
Don't be afraid of spiders this patch. | © Riot Games

Elise is a tower diving monster. Thanks to her cocoon she is able to get in under tower, get the kill and then quickly make her escape without dying. Wouldn’t you want a jungler like this on your team who can help you get ahead in lane with a single early game gank?

Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 3 – Graves

Best Junglers LoL Patch 11.20 - Graves
He's back! But does he have his cigar? | © Riot Games

Graves has been a popular pick in the top lane recently – thank you Worlds 2021. He’s also an extremely good jungler though. That’s why Riot had to nerf him, making him a little squishier. Did it affect his jungle clear though? Not really. He’s still an insanely good pick and especially dangerous in LoL Patch 11.21.

Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 2 – Kha'Zix

Best Junglers Patch 11.21 - Kha'Zix
One shot monster. | © Riot Games

Kha’Zix sits and waits in brushes for unsuspecting squishy champions. Then he pounces and makes quick work of them. No one is safe from a fed Kha’Zix and truthfully, it’s quite easy for this champion to snowball. One or two kills in the early game and bam! He can’t be stopped.

Kha’Zix is one of the best assassin junglers in the meta, and he is feared by every single squishy champion. In late-game fights, he won’t be fighting front-to-back, but looking for a flank to take out the damage dealers of the opposing team.

Best Junglers in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 1 – Poppy

Best Junglers LoL Patch 11.21 - Poppy
Poppy and her hammer. Name a better duo. | © Riot Games

This tank jungler has made her way into our jungle tier list. She is able to counter picks like Kha’Zix who have made this meta their home. She is tanky, she can gank thanks to her E – Heroic Charge and she's got a solid jungle clear.

If anyone dares to jump on Poppy she can also just pop her W – Steadfast presence to stop them from getting close to her or her allies. In the late game, she can also help disengage from any fights that seem unfavorable or get rid of any champions she doesn’t want around. Seriously, she’s the full package, and you should play her this patch in the jungle!