The Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21

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What Champions should you be playing in the bot lane in Patch 11.21? Don’t worry we’ll show you the best ADCs of the meta.
Best ADCs in Lol Patch 11.21 - Lucian
Can't go wrong with Lucian. | © Riot Games

Xayah and Jinx got buffed in Patch 11.21. Does this mean that either of them will be part of our best ADC tier list again? Jinx has had her bright moments throughout Season 11, while Xayah was left in the dust. Will she finally attain the status she deserves?

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential, because you often must carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the ADC position.

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Who Are the Best ADCs in Patch 11.21?

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 5 – Jhin

You want solid crit damage? Then look no further than Jhin. His damage output in the late game is unrivaled, making him one of the best and most consistent ADC’s in LoL Patch 11.21. Take Fleet Footwork, pair him with Lulu or Karma and boom! You have an unkillable ADC who can take you down in four shots.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 4 – Lucian

Lucian, alongside Nami, is one of the scariest bot laners in the game. The extra damage from his empowered attacks can easily burst down anyone who takes a single step too far forward. You can be aggressive, push lane and just dominate the meta thanks to Lucian in LoL Patch 11.21.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 3 – Vayne

Best ADC's Lol Patch 11.21 - Vayne
Late game? No problem with Vayne. | © Riot Games

Vayne isn’t someone you’d pick if you were looking to end the game quickly. Her early game is awful, but once she has a few items, she will be able to roam and shred through anyone in her game. While most other champions fall off, she will finally get online and start killing anyone who just looks at her funny.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 2 – Jinx

Best ADC's Patch 11.21 - Jinx
Check out Jinx this patch. | © Riot Games

Jinx got a buff in LoL patch 11.21. Her passive attack speed was increased from 15% to 25%. Not only that, but her chompers range was increased and her ultimate cooldown reduced. These were the buffs she needed to be back in the meta!

You’ll be able to attack a little quicker, which on an immobile champion like her is key. Especially with her passive, which grants her added attack speed. She will just be running all over the place, taking down anyone. That’s why she is part of our top 5 ADC’s in LoL Patch 11.21.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.21: No. 1 – Miss Fortune

Best ADC's Patch 11.20 - Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune has a simple but effective kit anyone can use! | © Riot Games

Is anyone able to dethrone Miss Fortune? Probably not. Ever since her buffs way back in Patch 11.18 she’s been a force to be reckoned with – and for good reason. Her ultimate shreds through anyone and with the amount of engage supports she just has to wait for them to start the fight, stand a safe distance away and press R.

Have we mentioned that She can also show up for surprise ganks thanks to her Strut? Well, she can. In the mid-game Miss Fortune can quickly move between lanes if she is feeling confident and fed enough which makes her a threat on all lanes and at all times. So is there any doubt why she is the best ADC in Patch 11.21?