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Which ADC should you be playing this patch?

The Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9

League of Legends
Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9 Samira
Samira is back baby!! (Credit: Riot Games)

Not much has changed in the bot-lane. A single champion was on the nerf and buff list in LoL Patch 11.9 and none of the marksman items were touched either. So that begs the question are the best ADC Champions in LoL Patch 11.9 different from previous patches?

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential, because you often must carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the ADC position.

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Who Are the Best ADCs in Patch 11.9?

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 5 – Tristana

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.8
Tristana continues to impress in LoL Patch 11.9 (Credit: Riot Games)

Tristana is a self-sustaining bot laner who is the best at taking turrets. Now combine her quick rapid-fire shooting with an empowering support like, let’s say… Lulu, then you’ve got one scary bot laner and someone who is able to really take over games in LoL Patch 11.9.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 4 – Vayne

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9 Vayne
Vayne can shred through opponents with ease (Credit: Riot Games)

No one can get pentakills easier than Vayne. Once you’ve made it through her rocky laning phase you’ll be able to dash in-and-out of danger, shredding armor left and right. She is able to rapidly take down frontlines and make easy work of any backline. Seriously, don’t let Vayne get into the late game, otherwise she can solo carry any team to victory.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 3 – Kai'Sa

Kai'sa Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9
She has everything you'd want from a bot laner (Credit: Riot Games)

Another champion we have seen a lot of in recent times. Kai’Sa is able to deal magic and physical damage making her a unique bot laner. She plays more like an assassin which is what makes her such a reliable pick since assassins are in a pretty decent spot right now. She has range, damage and mobility everything you want from your ADC in LoL Patch 11.9.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 2 – Samira

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9 Samira
I swear we didn't choose Samira just so we can gush about the Space Groove skins again!!! (Credit: Riot Games)

Samira… a champion we haven’t seen a lot of since her release and the weeks that followed. She was giga broken at release and Riot has since nerfed and nerfed her, but her time has come once more to style on her opponents in season 11 and take charge of the bot lane.

Seriously, just build Immortal Shieldbow and some Berserker’s Greaves, and you’re set. Add in a top-tier support like Lulu who is able to shield her and give her attack speed and boom! Samira is able to gain style points without pause and charge up that menacing ultimate of hers.

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9: No. 1 – Jinx

Best ADCs in LoL Patch 11.9 Jinx
Jinx with Lulu is going to be so annoying in LoL Patch 11.9 (Credit: Riot Games)

In LoL Patch 11.9 Jinx did get a slight nerf. The bugfix of her rocket splash damage was fixed and now deals 175% splash damage instead of 200% crit. But that won’t stop her in this patch, since she will continue to be a menace in the bot lane.

With the Lulu W buff in LoL Patch 11.9, the Jinx/Lulu combo is going to be hell to play against. More attack speed means that Jinx can just cut through opponents at a faster rate, winning any duel in the bot lane with ease. Seriously, ban one of the two for your own sanity in this patch.

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