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LoL Account Services: Boosting, Coaching, Trading and Buying

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Have you ever been extremely annoyed with the slow grind that is League of Legends? Or even frustrated with your low elo teammates? Or you’ve played League of Legends, decided after years the salt is enough, but don’t want to throw away those skins and achievements? Well, there are websites where you can buy boosting services, or buy and sell LoL Accounts.

Note: Account trading and boosting services are against the League of Legends terms of service, and you could find your account penalized or banned. So proceed at your own risk.

What is Account Trading and Selling in LoL?

Account selling and trading is done over online websites, wherein players are able to register either as a seller or a buyer. Depending on one's role, players can then buy new accounts in higher elos, or sell their accounts.

This is a lucrative system that goes against the terms and service of League of Legends though and could get those involved suspended.

What are some Account Selling and Trading Websites for League of Legends?

There are numerous websites that sell and trade accounts. Some sites focus solely on selling and buying accounts such as leagueoftrading, while others are in the form of a forum, like elitepvpers and ownedcore, on which people can inquire about mere coaching jobs all the way to selling RP.

Some of these forums also offer boosting services for players who do not wish to level up themselves, though there are also dedicated websites to boosting such as lolboosts or ggboost. 

What is Boosting in League of Legends?

Boosting is gaining ranks in League of Legends by giving your account information to someone else. These people will then play for you and boost you to a higher level than you originally were. This means that once the account is returned to the original owner, they’ll be in a higher elo than before.

Oftentimes, boosted accounts will also be sold on these League of Legends trading and sharing platforms.

It is important to note that boosting can have severe consequences. In South Korea, boosting is illegal, and those who participate in boosting operations can be fined up to $18,000 or even end up in prison.

Not only is boosting illegal, but it is also deeply hated by players and in some cases, it is one of the worst things a player can do. Some professional League of Legends players have lost their jobs due to boosting, such as XiaoWeiXiao and Shernfire.

Why LoL Boosting Services are the Worst!

Playing in an elo that isn’t your own will only make your gameplay miserable and that of your teammates, since they’ll have to compensate for your lack of skill. There is a reason League of Legends is a grind, and trying to play before learning the basics can be detrimental. After all a MOBA's ranking system is designed for several hundred games. And everyone who has played 200-300 games will be roughly where they belong - whether you want to admit it or not.

Account buying and sharing is a serious issue and could lead to you losing your account altogether. Is it really worth the risk? Does it bring you anything except maybe a victorious skin? Exactly. So leave it alone and keep training to achieve your goals!

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