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Get Ready for LoL Worlds Patch 10.19

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Spirit Blossom Ahri

Ahri is getting buffed this Patch (Image credit: Riot Games)

Tomorrow is the big day! The League of Legends World Championship Patch is here and there are quite a few changes which we will see. The Worlds Patch is the most important of the year since all changes will be put under the lens by the fans.

The World Championship Patch has to be fun and create a balance for fans to see more than the same seven picks over and over. There needs to be variety and multiple picks and bans for each game, hence why Riot has to be careful with over-nerfing or over-buffing specific champions.

One change that the Riot dev team has already announced is that Talon and Nunu will not be getting any nerfs. Originally the champions were supposed to get small nerfs, but after observing the 10.18 meta and how these two fared, the developers didn’t think either needed to be changed.

Senna alt skin

Senna is getting a slight nerf. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Nerfs in the Foreseeable Future for These Champions

They did add Akali and Lucian onto their nerf list though. Akali is always a strong champion and Riot does not want her to have a 100% play/ban rate. Same with Lucian, hence why the two will become just a smidge weaker, but not enough to reduce them from appearing on the Rift.

The nerf most fans are looking forward to is Caitlyn. She’s been dominating the Rift throughout playoffs and fans can’t wait to see some variance in the Bot-lane. She will lose some of her base AD as well as the Headshot damage of her W will be decreased in the earlier stages of the game.

Senna will also receive some nerfs, since the current spawn-chance of souls after a minion kill is just a bit too high. This will go down from 8.33% to a chance of 4.16%.

Bot-lane isn’t the only place receiving changes. Azir will have less bonus attack speed through his W-passive and as mentioned above, Akali’s Q base damage has been lowered, while Lucian will gain less AD with each level.

Will We See Any of These Champions at Worlds 2020?

Of course, champions aren’t just made weaker, some also need a little bit of love. One of those champions is Ahri. The mystic foxlike champ already got a few buffs on patch 10.18 but Riot wasn’t done with her yet. Her W cooldown has been reduced as well as the mana cost which will make her viable in the World Championship.

And lastly, Sylas will become a late-game monster with the buffs Riot plans on implementing. His ult cooldown has been significantly reduced and once he hits full ult power it could be a whopping 20 seconds shorter than before.

Hopefully, this balances out the champions enough to see lots of variations throughout the 2020 League of Legends World Championship taking place in Shanghai in just 10 days.

Which Champion do you want to see on the Worlds stage? Which teams are you rooting for? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!

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