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Garen Spin

Spinning across the Rift (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s back! The game mode every League of Legends fan either loves or hates. URF! Who doesn’t like to pick up Garen and spin their way across Summoner’s Rift in a furious battle for the Nexus?

URF can be the most incredible experience, spamming Teemo mushrooms all over the map, or it can be pure hell… if the opposition spams Teemo mushrooms all over the map. The lack of mana restriction and reduced cooldowns make this one fun mess. The constant spam of abilities takes some getting used to, but inting under the tower for an impossible all-in makes for some of the funniest memories.

Just don’t forget that once you’re back in Ranked, you won’t be able to spam abilities over and over.

That isn’t the only thing Riot has to offer fans during the 2020 World Championship. Alongside outstanding pro play on stage, you can also get some sick rewards. A new set of skins has been released, the Dragonmancer skins for Ashe, Aurelion Sol, Brand, Lee Sin and Sett – who also gets his own prestige Skin.

We will probably see another set of skins by the end of the World Championship, with all the hype which has been surrounding the new K/DA song alongside Seraphine, which is set to come out pretty soon.

Fans can also pick up the Worlds 2020 Event Pass, which will be able to get 50 Prestige Points. That's double the usual 25 most events give. You can unlock prestige skins with the points, so maybe you can even pick up the new Prestige Sett skin right off the bat? You’ll have to make it through various milestones by playing games of League or TFT.

If you’re short on cash, don’t worry. You can also get some sick rewards for free by completing the usual missions the client hands out, and by watching some Worlds 2020 action from the official LoL Esports website. You just have to connect your account and you’re all set for some rewards!

So, log onto your account and get playing for those rewards. And make sure to enjoy URF while it’s still available. Who knows when this game mode will come back again?

What is your favorite game mode? Who is the most annoying champ when playing URF? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! For more information regarding the Worlds 2020 Group Stage and which Champs impressed us during the Play-Ins, make sure to keep reading on EarlyGame.

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