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The new champ humiliates you for your death!

LoL: Samira’s Mock Emote Gives Gold to Opponents

League of Legends
Samira LoL
If you die against Samira, then be prepared for humiliation. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The new League of Legends champion Samira has a hidden ability on her mock emote. It gives gold and damage to enemies who have been killed. A real humiliation.

The new LoL champion Samira is all about style. The ADC/Assassin hybrid has already been tested on the PBE and players have discovered a pretty fun feature on their mock emote that only makes it more stylish.

Samira's Stylish BM Move

If Samira stands next to an enemy and uses her mock emote (Ctrl+2), that enemy takes 1 pure damage and 1 gold. It is humiliating because the taunt emote can also be used on dead targets. If Samira stands next to a defeated opponent, her emote targets that opponent as well and gives them 1 gold.

This is of course a great idea with the friendly, courteous, and never toxic LoL community - Kappa.

The developers, Riot Games, have already confirmed that the mechanic is not a bug at all, but was planned exactly the way it is. Riot "Reav3", the chief champion designer, took the floor on Reddit and explained that Samira rotated herself during the mock emote and threw a coin at her opponents, which then caused damage.

Reav3 on Reddit:

One thing that’s unique to Samira but not shown here is here taunt. Her taunt is actually a skill shot that cost one gold to use. She roots herself and flicks a coin that does 1 damage to anything it hits. It also counts as a unique source of damage for her style passive

According to LoL analyst Riot Blitz, the mock emote is said to have been inspired by Luigi from the Smash Bros. games.

The problem with the emote, however, is that it triggers various on-hit effects such as Liandrys or Scorch. Currently, it is only possible on the PBE and Riot Games will surely have to make some changes to it. However, when the champ comes to the live servers in this way, many players will use the mechanics on the lane in conjunction with the magic tree to poke.

In addition, the mock emote can trigger Yasuo's shield, Malzahar's passive, or Bone Plating which could be quite OP for a simple emote. In fact, we're pretty certain Riot will fix it. Most importantly though, the emote will be used to expose the enemy, so Yasuo players can look forward to extra gold.

Yasuo Gold
Yasuo already has 10 gold on his 0/10 Power Spike! (Image credit: SKT Faker via Facebook)

We are definitely curious how Samira will find her way through the meta and what roles she'll be played at. What do you think about the latest champion? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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