League of Legends streamer Streamie might be in hot water after these leaks!

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League of Legends streamer Streamie might be in hot water, after leaking confidential information on the next League of Legends champion after Yone, Samira.

In a Reddit translation thread compiled by u/Jepeseta, the post details how Brazilian streamer Streamie was able to leak previous information regarding Lillia and Yone, and got it correct. Now Streamie is back with information regarding Samira, League of Legends hot take on: "A new marksman, dressed to slay," in Riot Games recent champion roadmap.

For some context regarding this Samira information, Streamie was able to discuss Thresh's next legendary skin before it was revealed. She has recently mentioned a new skin-line will be arriving in League of Legends, called "Psy Ops" with LoL champion Sona allegedly headlining the reveal. Psy Ops is essentially an alternative to the popular mecha-skin line Riot Games already has.

Streamie claims that she gets the details via Riot Games employees she's friends with, meaning someone at Riot Games Brazil is in big trouble, including Streamy, with Riot Games not happy about this information leaked. That said, take these Samira leaks with a pinch of salt, as they are still leaks at the moment.

Samira Leaked Abilities

Samira LoL Leaks

Image credit: Streamie

"Female Rambo but hot"

As the Reddit thread claims, Samira could look like a combination of the visuals above, but with less clothing. Samira has a holster on her legs to hold her weapons, with a pistol and a dagger being her weapons. LoL Lara Croft, anyone?

Samira will use a machine gun for her ultimate, with her basic attacks alternating between a pistol and a dagger. Riot Games did mention the next marksman would be coming out of fights with just a sliver of health in their champion roadmap update, so this would make a lot of sense towards her playstyle:

"Do you like to laugh in the face of danger? Do you enjoy stringing together abilities, creating stylish new combos? Does the idea of diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health excite you?"

Blades and bullets seem like the theme for Samira, which Streamie hits on accurately. One interesting thing from the leaks regarding lore is, allegedly, Samira is from Shurima, not Noxus. Samira also can deflect and protect, very similar to Irelia's W, Defiant Dance. Samira's ultimate seems quite ridiculous as this is how it was detailed:

"Samira's ultimate is a combination of Katarina's R, Urgot's R and Nunu's R. She'll start spinning and shooting bullets from her machine gun as well as throw multiple daggers. Her ultimate will have a "style meter" depending on how many enemies she's hitting with it or how many champions she kills with it. It has a "rose" motif, the rose has 5 petals and "blooms" when she's hitting all 5 enemy champions."

The style meter is an interesting take on ultimates and would align with the recent PBE update, where a new animated S-style icon was added into the game, our first look into Samira.

Samira will allegedly have a simple kit and will be easy to play, very strong, and will have plenty of skins as Samira will be quite popular among the League of Legends community. With Yone due out soon, we could expect information soon after! Stick around as we'll discuss the up-coming patch 10.16 notes very soon.

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