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LoL: PsyOps to Bring Back One for All

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What do you think is better, URF or One for All? (Image credit: Riot Games)

The PsyOps event has started and the first missions are already available. Earn Skins, Chromas, Frames, and more! Also, Riot Games brings back one of the best modes ever - One for All and it is available until September 30!

"PsyOps, PsyOps, PsyOps." Everybody is talking about this great event, with the good skins, frames, chromas, and a custom event pass. And yes, there is even an Ezreal Prestige skin that you can earn through missions. Admittedly this is already pretty cool, and with the coming Spirit Blossom Event this will be the best season ever. In the month of September not only will we have the PsyOps skins we will also get the mode: One for All.

What is One for All?

On the normal map, you play in a 5v5 but the trick is all 5 players of a team have the same champion! That means you can play as 5 Zeds against 5 Zeds, or jump 10 Ezreals across the map. This is a lot of fun and just leads to some outright crazy matches! You start at level 3 and then the fighting begins so let's spam some games of One for All.

Imagining such scenarios and fights is probably a bit difficult. So here are some of the best moments in One for All:

Video credit: High Elo TV via YouTube

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