Riot probably doesn't want Sona-Lux "Bot Lanes" anymore

League of Legends: What’s Coming With Patch 10.18?

League of Legends
Sona Lux

The Guardian nerf gave Sona and Lux the final death blow. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Guardian nerf with LoL Patch 10.18 gives Sona and Lux the final deathblow, new PsyOps skins, and an Ahri rework. What else do Yetter and his team have up their sleeve? Find out here!

Mark "Scruffy" Yetter is back on Twitter In his tweet bag this time he has more extensive changes to buffs and nerfs in patch 10.18. The numbers look very final now and we're analyzing what you can expect. Besides Ahri and Kayle there are some other buffs and nerfs worth mentioning! Sona and Lux on the Bot Lane? After patch 10.18 we really doubt it.

The Nerfs


  • The Base AD gets lowered from 61 to 59.


  • The shield of his passive ones is reduced from 70-121 to 60-111.


  • The base DMG of his Q is reduced from 80-220 to 70-210.


  • HP per level reduced from 90 to 85. Armor per level reduced from 3.5 to 3.25.


  • Yetter and his team want to shift Setts Power a little bit from the tank to AD builds. The damage bonus of the passive is changed from +15% total AD to +50% base AD. Also, instead of 10-50 (+15% Max HP) (+1% per 100 total AD), his Q now deals a whopping 10-50 (+2-3.6% per 100 total AD) of damage.

Guardian Rune

  • In addition, there is a rune, which is nerfed. Lux and Sona duos, you have to be strong now. After the nerfs in patch 10.17 for your favorites, it now also hits Guardian. The Base shield remains unchanged. However, AP and HP scaling are decreased: (+25% Ap) (+12% Bonus HP) -> (15% AP) (9% Bonus HP). That's a huge hit for the popular bot lane duo and we wonder if it'll be enough to stop it.

None of the nerfs are too big and won't prevent the listed champions from being played. Guardian primarily meets the Lux/Sona meta. Riot is again clearly aiming for the meta in pro play. If you look at the changes in Sett, you can only talk about a nerf in pro play, because there he is mostly played as a tank in the jungle. For the top players among you who build Blade of the Ruined King first in the solo queue, patch 10.18 will feel more like a buff.

The Buffs

Xin Zhao lol

The true hero of patch 10.18. Xin Zhao's W. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Since you're already familiar with the changes coming to Kayle and Ahri, we will skip the two ladies at this point - nothing has changed in the numbers since the last report and tweet.

Jarvan VI:

  • His Q Base damage is increased from 80-240 to 90-250.


  • The damage of his Q is increased from 175-315 to 180-340.

Miss Fortune:

  • Your attack speed per level now increases by 3% instead of 2.25%.


  • While using his ultimate, Twitch will now lose only -5% damage per enemy hit instead of -10%. Also, the minimum damage per shot you deal has been increased to 70% instead of 40%.

Xin Zhao:

  • His W Base DMG has been increased from 30-70 to 40-80. The W's Shock DMG has also been increased - in addition, the AD scale: 30-170 (+75% AD) is increased to 40-180 (+80% AD).

Twitch's ult should now be much more dangerous in team fights again and you definitely have to be more careful how you stand. Positioning is everything! Xin Zhao Mains, even if not many are probably looking forward to patch 10.18. The W is the strongest skill anyway and starting on September 2 players will be able to snowball a lot easier. Since the champion has carry potential in the early game anyway, we expect to see more Xin Zhao in the solo queue again.

What do you think of patch 10.18? Were your favorites buffed or nerfed? Do you think we're exaggerating with Xin Zhao, or do you consider him as dangerous as we do? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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