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LoL Patch 10.17 Skipped: Riot Games Takes a Break

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Riot Games Summer Break 2020

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Incredibly, Riot Games employees are not robots and will take a week break to disconnect, recharge, and reboot in their latest blog post.

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The week of August 10 will be different, however. In a recent blog post from Riot Games, the company will be taking a week-long break to: "disconnect, recharge, and reboot." It is no joke that the video game industry crunch is real and needs serious addressing. It seems Riot Games have been overworking a lot recently, with the release of Valorant, TFT, new LoL champions, and so much more. Now they are taking a well-deserved break. In a statement, the company said:

Riot’s taking the week of August 10th off to disconnect, recharge, and reboot (we swear we’re not robots). To make sure we’re not just cramming more into the following week, we’re shifting some patches and release timelines a bit to accommodate. A few teams are also staggering their time off to make sure everything is running smoothly. Look for specifics on League, TFT, LoR, and VALORANT over the next few days.

For League of Legends, this means there will be no Patch 10.17, per the confirmation of a Riot Games employee, Riot Kami Banani. Instead, a shift will focus on lol Patch 10.18 when Riot Games returns.

Instead of Patch 10.17, if anything, a Patch 10.16b would be added to the game. This seems to be the case with a response to some of the confusion surrounding the next patch.

Regardless, Riot Games, we appreciate all the hard work you do, in and out of the spotlight. Crunch is real, so we want to see more of this for not only Riot Games but other big gaming companies, too.

Enjoy your rest, Riot.

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