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Need the latest League of Legends updates in brief? We've got you covered on LoL Patch 10.1!

LoL Patch 10.1: In Brief

In future articles, with each patch, we will be dubbing the name PIB (Patch In Brief) in order to give you, the reader, a very quick rundown on who’s nerfed, who’s buffed and what, significantly, is changing in League of Legends. You’ll always have a link to the full, detailed patch notes provided by Riot Games, should you be crazy about the numbers specifically. The idea here is to give you the rundown asap, rocky. Today we briefly discuss the changes in LoL Patch 10.1. So, shall we begin, Summoner?


Flamethrower splash damage bug fixed. Movement speed and health nerfed.


Complete visual overhaul aimed at improving readability, adapting Thresh’s skills to the modern-day Summoner’s Rift.

LoL Thresh visual effect update comparison - all skins (Video credit: SkinSpotlights)

Aurelion Sol

Passive stars base damage decreased.


R base damage and wall duration increased.


R base damage increased later.


R now works with Guinsoo's Rageblade.


Cannon Q base damage increased later.


Kalista sees her base health and armor growth increased in LoL Patch 10.1.


Movement speed decreased. R mana penalty duration now displays on the icon.


R mana penalty duration now displays on the icon.


Passive duration decreased; movement speed now flat.


E now also empowers the target's abilities.


Base health growth increased. Frost Armor resistances ratio increased. E base damage increased later.


In LoL Patch 10.1 Shyvana gains resistances when slaying Elder Dragon. Fury gains increased in lieu of ultimate CDR when slaying Cloud Drakes. E marked target damage ratio and monster damage cap increased.


Q cooldown and Blight cooldown refund decreased.


R now Unstoppable for its whole duration.


Empowered E slow decreased.

New Champion

Sett, The Boss, will be added into League of legends.

Upcoming skins

LoL Patch 10.1 skins

LoL Patch 10.1 upcoming skins (Image credit: Riot Games)

Season Start

LoL's Ranked 2020 season begins on January 10. New year new you, right? Let's get that gold.

Support Item changes

Support items have been updated to encourage users to do more in the early game. Most of them include additional health regeneration buffs or mana regeneration buffs.

Bug Fixes

  • Warwick's Q - Jaws of the Beast no longer depletes mana or goes on cooldown if the target dies during its cast.
  • Ardent Censer's bonus attack speed Unique passive no longer activates on a champion that's shielding themselves
  • Missile-type abilities in that wouldn't normally be in your vision will no longer give you an early warning in Fog of War

For numbers, an in-depth listing of changes in Patch 10.1, be sure to check out the latest detailed patch notes here.

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