So, the 152nd champion in LoL is a musician, Riot?

League of Legends: Mysterious Seraphine Teasers on Twitter!

League of Legends
League of Legends Seraphine on hers ocial media accounts

Will she sing our song for the Worlds 2020? (Source: Seraphine via Twitter)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a... LoL influencer! More and more teasers are turning up right now about Seraphine, the 152nd League of Legends champion. What are we looking at?

Mysterious new teasers for the upcoming "League of Legends" champion Seraphine are currently causing quite a stir. We expect her to be released in time for Worlds 2020 and the mysterious Twitter and Instagram accounts to just be the beginning of a long teaser.

Little is known about the 152nd LoL champion. Thanks to insider leaks of the Brazilian streamer Streamie we already know that the next champion of the tenth season will be a "sensational magician". Apart from that, we can only speculate and interpret the signs correctly - but you've come to the right place at EarlyGame!

Seraphine League of Legends teaser

Seraphine seems to be big in the music business (Source: Seradotwav via Twitter)

Seraphine is described in all her social media biographies as an "aspiring songwriter and producer" who "has big dreams". This would confirm the Leaks, who describe her as a "sensational" character. If you want to check out Seraphines accounts for yourself, just look here:

Also in Seraphine's pictures there are numerous connections to League of Legends and Riot Games. Annie's bear Tibbers, for example, can be seen in the background of one of her photos and she claims that it actually belongs to her.

Seraphine via Twitter

So far, Seraphine has only released status updates that give the impression that she is an aspiring musician in New York - what seems to be LA now. However, we are sure that there will be more teasers soon, as diligently as new posts are published on her accounts.

Seraphine Will Be Released During Worlds 2020

Riot Games has already sneaked an approximate release date for Seraphine upon us, because with the Champion Roadmap 2020 the developers announced that they want to release at least one new champion for each role per year.

So there are Sett (Top), Lillia (Jungle), and Yone (Mid). It is also already known that Samira will be the next ADC. If you can believe Riot - and it looks like you can - for Seraphine, the remaining roll will be the Support Role.

If Seraphine should find her way into the game with patch 10.24, she would go live in time for the release of the Worlds 2020 song. And who would be better to sing this song than a LoL champion who is a musician? Pretty sophisticated, Riot!

What are your opinions on the teaser? Do you like the Influencer thingy of Seraphine, or does it not fit with League of Legends and Runeterra at all? Write us your opinion on Facebook or Twitter!

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