This is exactly why the LEC is the best league in the world!

League of Legends: The Mediocre Rap Battle of LEC

League of Legends
LEC rap battle

Europe simply has the coolest casters and analysts in the world! (Image credit: Riot Games/LEC)

The LEC Playoffs start this weekend and how could it be different, the casters and analysts of the league have again prepared something for us: we present the "Mediocre Rap Battle" of the LEC!

This is why we love League of Legends and most of all the LEC! The European League of Pros proves time and again that it is something very special. Riot Games, you have hired just the right casters and analysts! This time they really outdid themselves. We're already spoiled by meme wars, funny commercials and videos, but a Rap Battle!? What can the LEC team not do? Seems like they´re capable of just everything!

But see for yourself what we mean:

The Mediocre Rap Battle of LEC via Twitter

A whole five minutes, the LEC's casters rap against each other. Each rapper slips into the role of one of the Playoff teams. Well, almost at least. Rogue, MAD Lions, G2 Esports and fnatic are represented. Despite the miracle, Schalke 04 Esports, together with SК Gaming, is left behind and only appears briefly at the end. We simply assume that the Mediocre Rap Battle was planned for a long time and simply nobody expected Schalke to pull that miracle off. Are we right, LEC?

But now for the essential part... Such a rap battle of presenters can end really fast in total disaster and with foreign shame, don't you think? But let's be honest. The guys have rocked it! They delivered so much, we had to watch the video several times!

And you should do the same. When you watch it once, or more like listen to it once, it's almost impossible to capture every punch line of the lyrics - and they are all brilliant, it's worth it!

We think it's great what the LEC has put together and the Hype about the Playoffs has grown even more. That is where Schalke 04 and SК Gaming can show why they would deserve to be in the video as well... Although we actually know the reason for Schalke already!

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