The coolest pop band of Runeterra is back!

League of Legends: K/DA to be Releasing New Single "The Baddest"

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Could it be that it's not Seraphine who sings the World Song after all? (Image credit: Riot Games)

The number one pop band of Runeterra is back. Will there be new skins for K/DA and when will the new single "The Baddest" be released? Isn't Seraphine singing the Worlds Song for 2020? Find out here!

For a long time, silence surrounded the League pop band K/DA. The "League of Legends" champions Ahri, Kai'sa, Akali, and Evelynn were probably too busy in the Rift. We were already afraid that they had hung up their career. But just in time for the Playoffs, the band is back. Maybe Seraphine is also involved in the comeback - after all, she is also a musician and competes with the girls, doesn´t she?

The Baddest

This is the new single name by K/DA. Not much is known besides that, and unfortunately, we have not yet received a sound sample. As it looks like we have to be patient until August 27, because then the premiere on YouTube will take place.

KDA new skins

Image credit: K/DA via Twitter

Will There be New Outfits for the Girls?

Besides, that banner showed up. Why should Riot Games only show black silhouettes - we know what the K/DA skins look like. The most plausible explanation for this would probably be that we will see a new look on the Champions due to August 27.

It remains to be seen whether we'll get completely new KD/A skins or whether they'll be Chromas or more Prestige Editions. In any case we are looking forward to the comeback of the band and we are curious how "The Baddest" sounds like.

Right now, the League of Legends is all about music. In addition to K/DA and Seraphine, the LEC casters have now also started to produce some music- have you listened to the Rap Battle yet?

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