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LoL: How Important Is Duffman for G2? And Who Is AngelArcher?

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G2 Angel Archer

G2 stacked its supporting staff after their great 2018 and 2019 seasons. AngelArcher worked alongside Duffman and the Pros (Image credit: Zephyrnet)

G2 has done it again. They’re the LEC Summer Split 2020 Champions. Carlos will probably have to get a bigger trophy case soon, raking in all these wins. But the question begs, how did Duffman and AngelArcher support GrabbZ and the Pros? Who is the face behind these lucrative names?

Once again G2 are the champions. The guys are practically unstoppable since 2018 and now they’ve added another prize to their growing trophy case – the LEC Summer Split. But this success is not merely shared by coach GrabbZ and the team. There are many other people who work tirelessly to support the guys on their quest to continue their European dominance.

Today we will mainly focus on who is behind the name AngelArcher and what the tasks of the young woman are.

G2 Summer split 2020 champs

G2 Wins the 2020 LEC Summer Split. (Image credit: LEC)

AngelArcher: A True Scouting Pro

Luciana “AngelArcher” Nadrag has been part of the G2 Team since December 2019. She has taken the role of analyst alongside Duffman and supplies players with key information regarding their opponents' playstyles, while also criticizing their own gameplay.

She is what you’d call a scout. Her main task is to gain information on opposing teams and players. Each week she compiles this data into reports which contain information on the style the enemy team plays, as well as individual players and not to mention their play-patterns. It's also her job to dictate what is to be practiced during scrims. This is how she helps the team prepare all-around against any opponent.

AngelArcher has been working as a remote analyst since June 2017 and has supported various pros on their path to the top. Her dream to become a World-Championship-winning-Analyst might even come into fruition after G2’s win. Will she be able to help guide the team against the world-class talent they’ll face at the World Championship this coming fall? It seems that in the LEC her keen eye has already worked, and we’re excited to see what she can do on the Worlds' stage – or rather behind the curtain.

Over one million people watched as AngelArcher explained the draft G2 chose during the Summer Split finals against Fnatic as she was interviewed on stream. Many fans still don’t know the size of an esports organization and just how important having a good support to fall back on is for a team.

Do you want to meet the whole support staff and read AngelArcher's whole story? Then just drop by on her Twitlonger.

If you are interested in her work or want to know what she does in her free time, here's are her Twitch and Twitter for you.

Highlights of the LEC Final

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