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After four days of nearly non-stop games, the first stage of LoL European Masters is over. Here’s how eSuba, GamerLegion, Defusekids and K1CK Neosurf earned their places among the EU Masters elite teams.

The European Masters play-in stage has showcased some of the best European regional teams and they have delivered time and again. This year, the format has changed and the play-in stage featured 16 teams in four groups of four.

The best two teams from every group play best-of-three elimination series to determine the four teams that would advance to the main event.

After 24 rapid-fire games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, eight teams remained. According to the tournament format, every elimination match would have a top seed from one group take on the second seed team from another group. The brackets were as follows:

Lol eu masters brackets

Image credit: EU Masters/Riot Games

eSuba hold strong

Despite coming in the series as the lower seed after a hard fight against Germany’s GamerLegion, eSuba quickly showed they were in no way weaker than the Italian runner-up.

The two teams traded games, with the Czech representatives taking the first blood of the series and Racoon equalizing in Game 2. However, eSuba looked much stronger in the decider game, growing their lead until they were able to dominate the mid game.

Two kills 25 minutes in saw the Czechs taking the first baron. Two minutes later, a decisive 3-0 fight outside the Racoon base let them push in for the win and secure their place among the top 16 teams at EU Masters.

Lol eu masters esuba victory

Image credit: EU Masters/Riot Games

Heartbreaking loss for Intrepid Fox

Greek Champions Intrepid Fox faced off against Germany’s third seed GamerLegion in possibly the most emotionally charged series of the night.

The Greek side showed they were here to fight in Game 1 with some good offense, but unfortunately, coordination mistakes saw them slip behind in the mid-game, letting GamerLegion take the first round.

In the second game, however, Fox mounted an incredible offense and absolutely stomped the German team in the early game, but the GL dug in. Neither an ace for Intrepid Fox 27 minutes in, nor an ace, baron and elder dragon seven minutes later were enough to put them down.

GamerLegion endured, eventually equalizing the game after stealing the second elder dragon. It took 47 minutes but finally, the Germans found a great fight near the elder dragon. There, they aced the Greek squad and ended the game to get the win and earn their spot in the main event.

Lol eu masters gamerlegion victory

Image credit: EU Masters/Riot Games

DefuseKids win Benelux Derby

Belgium champions Sector 1 and Netherlands top seed Defusekids clashed on their way to the main events.

Game 1 was initially quite close, with the Belgian squad having an early objective lead and their opponents having the better kill score. But after Defusekids secured an early baron, they took over and eventually won the first game.

Sector 1 replied with a strong start in Game 2 and a very solid mid game off a surprised baron that saw them equalize the series off a great elder dragon steal. In the final game, however, the Dutch squad was a cut above.

After a late first blood, they proceeded to have a game without a single death, dominating the teamfights and never letting S1’s scaling composition come close to take the series and make their way to the main event groups.

Lol eu masters defuse kids victory

Image credit: EU Masters/Riot Games

Poland’s K1CK Neosurf secure group spot

After a very bad year in the Superliga Orange, Spain’s third seed MAD Lions Madrid secured a second place in the group and faced Poland’s K1CK Neosurf.

In the first game, the two teams were close in kills for much of the game but MAD’s better objective control eventually made the difference, giving them an early mountain soul that resulted in a huge advantage in teamfights they used to close the game.

Game 2, however, saw their opponents overcome a poor start to gradually extend their lead before an early Baron let them turn on the tempo and then get a sub-30 minute win, leading to a decider third game.

In it, K1CK started strong but the game remained close. That lasted only until a positional mistake by MAD 18 minutes in resulted in a very strong push and an early inhibitor for their opponents.

MAD tried to sneak a Baron but they were found out and aced, leading to a Baron for K1CK. The Spanish side tried a desperate flank but K1ck endured the attack and got four kills, ending the series.

Lol eu masters k1ck neosurf victory

Image credit: EU Masters/Riot Games

Wanna know how MAD Lions' main division is doing at the LEC?


The LoL European Masters will continue on April 22 with the main event groups. In the meantime, League fans can watch the LEC and LCS playoffs which continue this weekend so stay tuned for more quality LoL esports.

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