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LoL Champions that NEED Skins Now!

League of Legends

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League of Legends already has more than 150 Champions at its disposal with different and interesting designs. But how come some of them have fewer skins than others? Why is it that we see new Skins of Ahri and Akali being promoted through KDA and True Damage every few months, but Ornn still only has one after his release in 2017?

We created a list comprised of the champions that we think deserve some more skins. Ranked by how many skins they have and how long it has been since they got one.

League of Legends is a popular team-based strategy game where two teams consisting of 5 champions, fight each other, and try to destroy the others’ base and take down towers along the way.

Just imagine: there are 150 - actually 151 thanks to Samira - champions who each got individual skins. There are special and rare skins, ones that are unavailable now or only obtainable via shop bundles.

League of Legends player can choose between 716 available skins, 305 Legacy Vaults and 47 rares – with 25 skins in total being unavailable right now. That is a total of 1093 skins. Nice!

So Riot really does try to individualize each and every champion of theirs and even adds new ones on top. They care about the champs and really go into detail with each created skin. It is almost sad that some skins are being forgotten by the player base. But we can undeniably see the difference in love the champions are getting. Some of them even becoming memes, like Ornn. So, we do know that Riot also spends more time with creating skins for champions that are played more often or follow the motto of “sex sells”.


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