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LoL: Which Champs Will We See on the Rift for the Rest of Patch 10.20?

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Cottontail Fizz

Fizz is back in the meta thanks to Kassadin nerfs! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 10.20 came out a few days ago and we’re already seeing some changes to the current meta. Champions that have been nothing but dominant have seen a slight decline, while others just continue to stay strong. We’ve decided to take an educated guess on what we think might still come with the patch.

Top Lane

In the top lane, champions like Aatrox have just been outclassed by other bruiser champions so Riot wanted to beef up the Darkin Blade a little by increasing his late game. To do this, World Ender will see its self-healing increased by 15% at rank 2 and 30% at rank 3. This will make him a more viable pick in the top lane and we will probably get to see a lot more of him in Solo Queue.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot skin

Urgot will hook you into the jungle this patch (Image Credit: Riot Games)


Riot really wants to diversify the jungle and they’re doing it by beefing up The Undead Juggernaut Sion as well as The Dreadnought Urgot. The latter has received a buff to his Passive which was 60-360 and is now scaling from 100-360. His W will also minimally deal 50 extra damage to jungle monsters. Sion also received a similar buff against monsters with an increase of 150% – rather than 100% as it was before – damage to jungle monsters on his Q. Though both don’t seem like early game ganking junglers, out of the two Urgot seems to be the better choice. Neither will be super popular on this patch though since there are still too many other viable junglers.

Mid Lane

Kassadin was nerfed and a nerf to the Void Walker means that champions like Fizz will once again become meta. The sneaky assassin will once again jump out from fog-of-war and roam the map to dive towers. He has a very cheap build, which makes him strong from the early game on and he can bully you out of lane quite easily. Another champ we think will show his face more often in the mid lane is Rumble who is a strong early game champion who can snowball quite as well.

Psy Ops Samira

Samira is the strongest ADC in the current meta (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Bot Lane

Samira. Do we need to say more? After her hot-fix, Riot hasn’t touched her and she is still running rampant, styling on the opposition. Getting your hand on her might be tough with her high ban rate, but when she does get played, she is a very strong opponent. Pair her up with a aggressive cc-support and she is going to take over any game. Once she has 3 items she will 1v9 better than any other ADC in the game. Her release has truly broken the ADC meta since you’ll have to ban her out or hope to get to pick her in a game.


Lulu was nerfed, but honestly the nerf to her W attack speed isn’t enough to drop her off Summoner’s Rift. This is probably the position where we see the least amount of change, since Braum also wasn’t buffed enough to be a viable pick.

Overall, we will see some changes to the mid-lane as well as the jungle with a few nerfs and buffs in the upcoming weeks. Riot wants to diversify and have various champions roaming the map, which they’ve done a decent job of, but some of their ideas will take some time until players can truly adapt.

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Which champs do you have to play against already on Patch 10.20? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook! Want to know more about the LoL Worlds and the meta? Then keep reading on EarlyGame.

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