Will she be part of the band?

LoL: Are Seraphine and K/DA Singing the Worlds 2020 Song?

League of Legends
Does Seraphine become a part of K/DA?

Will Seraphine be featured on "The Baddest", or will she be the fifth singer of K/DA? (Image credit: Seradotwav via Twitter)

Recent leaks show K/DA in a new look - but what is Seraphine doing on the poster! Will she become a member of K/DA and what do the new skins look like? Find out more here.

New League of Legends champion Seraphine, currently being teased on Twitter and Soundcloud, seems to be making her debut during Worlds 2020 with the mega-popular K-Pop band K/DA! At least that's what the latest leaks indicate.

K/DA is back and has the new single "The Baddest" in his luggage. The premiere will be on YouTube on August 27 and we can look forward to another great song - that is what we're sure of.

When Riot Games announced the new song for K/DA, the girls were shown as known. Four ladies on the poster: Ahri, Akali, Kai'sa and Evelynn looked as good as always.

The leak shows a different image though. Next to the four original K/DA members, Seraphine can be seen in the upper right corner. Besides the seemingly new member, the band also got new outfits. Both indicate that K/DA has another song up their sleeve that is not "The Baddest".

This leak should confirm that new K/DA skins await us. Nevertheless, questions remain open. Will Seraphine become a permanent member of K/DA, or is she just a feature? And who will sing the song for the Worlds 2020? Seraphine, K/DA, or both - or is it basically the same, because Seraphine is now a member of K/DA? We need answers, Riot!

Hopefully we'll be cleared up soon! But until then it will remain exciting and we will keep a close eye on the Twitter accounts of the band and Seraphine. If there are new messages that offer us answers, you will be the first to know here!

What do you think of the new K/DA skins and what do you think of Seraphine as a potential new member? Write us on Facebook or Twitter!

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