Ooooooh, Golden Legendary!

Log in to Hearthstone to Get a Free Legendary

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Release

You will get six packs, not a six-pack! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Do you like free stuff? We like free stuff! And shiny free stuff is the best free stuff! Okay, you get it, Blizzard is giving away one golden Legendary card, just like they do for every new expansion’s release.

The latest and greatest Hearthstone expansion is coming out on August 6! That means that from today on, you’ll be able to go “back to school” and experience all the new content, but also simply logging in to your Hearthstone account will bring you a few perks. First, a golden Legendary. This will be a class card, so don’t expect to see any neutrals here. Interestingly enough, the original website post does not specify if dual-class count, since, y’ know, those are a thing now.

Second, you will be presented with a quest chain of three relatively simple to complete objectives, each awarding 2 Scholomance Academy packs. The missions will be showing up in three consecutive days like so:

  • August 6, 10:00 AM PT: Play 25 Cards in Play mode to earn 2 Scholomance Academy card packs.
  • August 7, 10:00 AM PT: Play 20 Spells in any mode to earn 2 Scholomance Academy card packs
  • August 8, 10:00 AM PT: Win 3 games any mode to earn 2 Scholomance Academy card packs.

Your friendly local EarlyGame would like to kindly remind you that Hearthstone has a hidden so-called “pity timer” that will grant you at least one Legendary in every 40 packs you open, so if you haven’t been lucky in a while, it’s generally a good idea to bundles those bad boys up and pop them open now.

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Nikola Petrov