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Lillia, The Bashful Bloom Revealed

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We've waited and waited for an announcement from Riot Games, and finally, we have confirmation of the next League of Legends champion to enter Summoner's Rift. Everyone, meet Lillia, The Bashful Bloom.

Announced via the Twitter account for League of Legends, this bashful champion has already stolen the hearts of many! Our confirmation of the LoL champion was true, and we couldn't be more excited to play her.

That's not all! Riot Games also included brand-new skins for PBE preview that include: Spirit Blossom Teemo, Yasuo, Vayne, Thresh, and Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition! So many new LoL skins! And they all look incredible.

Don't they look amazing!?

Lillia’s Abilities


Image credit: Riot Games

Passive – Dream-Laden Bough

  • Lillia’s abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing a portion of the target's maximum health as magic damage over a duration.

Q – Blooming Blows

  • Lillia swings her branch in the air and deals magic damage to nearby enemies and dealing true damage to those at the outer edge of the circle. When Lillia successfully lands the attack, she also gets movement speed.

W – Watch Out! Eep!

  • Lillia winds up for a huge strike with her branch, dealing magic damage to enemies. Enemies at the center of the impact receive more damage.

E – Swirlseed

  • Lillia lobs a Swirlseed overhead, dealing magic damage to enemies and slowing them for a duration. If Lillia’s Swirlseed misses, it’ll continue to roll until it hits an enemy or collides with the terrain.

R – Lilting Lullaby

  • Lillia casts a lullaby over her enemies and those affected by her Dream Dust become increasingly slowed before falling asleep for a duration of time. When awakened by damage, enemies will take additional magic damage.

Lillia Ability Reveal - The Bashful Bloom | New Champion. (Video credit: SkinSpotlights via YouTube)

"Lillia helped tend the buds, and learned about humanity through them. Enchanted by the people and places she glimpsed, she spent every waking moment experiencing a swirl of emotions and desires that mortals could only see when they closed their eyes." - Lillia bio page

It seems like Lillia will be a fantastic addition to the Jungle, with Mark Yetter chiming in on her kit:

We're excited to try Lillia on the PBE! We're curious to know your thoughts on her and her abilities. We particularly like her unique play-style to the Jungle position and this new addition finally gives Hecarim a friend! If Lillia wants to be friends with someone from the Shadow Isles that is.

Riot Games is taking the world by storm right now. If you haven't seen our latest video on Riot dominating the gaming industry, be sure to check out our video!

Riot is Dominating Esports: Judgment Call - Ep 2

For now, we'll leave you with the incredible trailer Riot Games has put out! What do you think of Lillia, we're curious! Will you be playing her?

For everything else Lillia, keep it here with EarlyGame.

Beyond the Garden | Lillia Champion Teaser - League of Legends

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