Lillia gets more life in leaked splash art image

Lillia LoL Potential Splash Art Leaked

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Lilia LoL

Is this the new face of the Jungle? (Image credit: ThePotatoWard)

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's half a Deer! League of Legends Jungler Lilia has had her splash art leaked ahead of LoL Patch 10.14, and she looks like she belongs in the Jungle.

We've been waiting for Riot Games to update us on any information regarding the latest champion to enter Summoner's Rift. We've kept you informed about everything we know about Lilia, what to expect from this champion, and now we have even more information on her!

A series of hidden sound files and a mysterious icon recently rocked the public beta environment fanbase, which we covered within our Patch 10.14 notes. Sound files were the first time we ever heard the name Lilia which got fans excited. Now, we have some leaks on her potential splash art.

The League of Legends community wait in more anticipation for her reveal! Could the Nexus Blitz and upcoming Spirit Blossom skins have something to do with how Lilia will be shown to us all?

July 4, a Twitter user ThePotatoWard first posted up the potential Lilia artwork, and it wasn't long before a Subreddit called "r/LilliaMains" emerged, let's take a look, shall we?

What do you think? Could she get a Spirit Blossom skin? It would suit her we think...

Everything from the voice lines, to the mission items currently on the PBE line-up with how she should look! This Deer, should she indeed look like this, has taken League of Legends players' hearts, as she looks cute as a button! We do wonder how she would play in the LCS or LEC. She could even make our Top 5 plays.

LEC 2020 Top 5 Plays - Week 4

With Patch 10.14 coming very soon, it's highly unlikely we'll see anything more from Lilia. With Patch 10.15 following, we could see the potential for her releasing in Patch 10.15! What do you think? Is it real? We're curious to know your thoughts.

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