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The troll king calls Freljord his home

Legends of Runeterra: Trundle Brings New Mechanics!

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Legends of Runeterra Trundle
Trundle in LOR: Troll your enemies with the power of ice! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Call of the Mountain, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra, will be released on August 26. After Taric and Lulu, Trundle has now been introduced. With the Troll King the new mechanic Behold was revealed - high mana costs are welcome!

Call of the Mountain is scheduled for release on August 26. We can hardly wait to build new decks around Lulu, Taric, and Trundle. The decks look super promising. So, what can Trundle do and what kind of deck does the Behold mechanic fit?

Trundle Call of the Mountain
All cards related to Trundle at a glance! (Source: Legends of Runeterra via Twitter)

Trundle is a 5-mana champion with 4/6 stats and the ability to regenerate. You will also receive Ice Pillar in your hand when you play him. If you use it, Trundle will rise to become a 5/7 champion. Ice Pillar costs 8 mana and has a 0/8 stat, so when played, the strongest opponent is left vulnerable and you'll get your 8 mana back.

If you play the Pillar, you will not lose any mana, as it will return the mana. Many of the trundle-related cards have the Behold mechanic. If you hold a card for 8 mana or more, additional effects are activated. Units will receive extra stats or gain abilities like Regenerate and Overpower. The buffed Trundle also receives an additional Behold attack.

Here are all Behold cards:

What is More Powerful Than an Avalanche? An Ice Quake!

Next to the Ice Pillar there is another 8-mana card. With Call of the Mountain the Icequake is introduced as a Freljord card. It reduces the attack of ALL units by 3 and causes 3 damage to ALL. Yes, Trundle literally trolls the enemy.

Like most Trundle-themed cards, the quake fits best in control decks. Can you think of a better control card for board control? Because we can't. With Trundle, who is able to control the opponent's board in advance by always healing himself, his decks will be hard to beat thanks to the late-game ice quakes. Which region do you think suits Trundle best? We believe that Freljord and Piltover now has a future!

If you want to see Trundle in action on the board, we have just the thing for you. Just look here:

What do you think of the card revealed so far? Are you also looking forward to August 26 and Call of the Mountain? We can't wait for the expansion, and every new map that is released makes us want to play more! Share your opinion on Facebook or Twitter!

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