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So far there are 4 cards with Nightfall

Legends of Runeterra: Shadow Isles New Nightfall Mechanics

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Legends of Runeterra Nightfall
Nightfall is the next mechanics in the Call of the Mountain. (source: Riot Games)

Call of the Mountain, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra, will be released on August 26. Taric, Lulu and Trundle are already known. This would cover Targon, Ionia and Freljord. What's missing? Of course: the Shadow Isles! Today we present to you the new maps and the Nightfall mechanics.

On August 26th the time has finally come and Call of the Mountain is released. We can hardly wait to test out new decks and make them into the ultimate weapons of the TCG world. The latest releases from Shadow Isles also look promising. So what is Nightfall doing and how much do we already know about a new champion?

And Now We bring you - Nightfall!
Riot Games delivers another cool mechanic. After we just learned about the most dangerous glaciers in Freljord and Trundles' mechanic Behold, the Shadow Isles are already longing for more new souls.

This new mechanic activates when you do NOT play a card in the first round.

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The maps presented so far leave our Legends of Runeterra experts some hard questions to answer. On the one hand, the Stygian Onlooker with +2/+0 and Fearsome has a super-strong tempo ability and the Doombeast directly steals 2 life from the enemy Nexus with its Nightfall ability, but on the other hand, we are not allowed to play cards in the first round. So how do we gain enough tempo to make the new mechanic work on turn six or seven when you can't just - not play- anything in the late game?

Maybe the plan will only work with the right champion? We can imagine Nocturne joining Elise and Hecarim. After all, who would be better to join Nightfall than Nightfall itself?

Are we missing something? Maybe you already have an idea on how to use Nightfall? Or are you staying on Noxus for aggro decks? Why don't you post on our Facebook or Twitter with how you will make Nightfall playable?

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