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Legends of Runeterra: Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare Is Here!

League of Legends
Legends of Runeterra Nocturne

Now the Nightfall cards finally make sense. That's what we call synergy! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Call of the Mountain, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra, will be released on August 26. Taric, Lulu and Trundle are already known. This would cover champions for Targon, Ionia and Freljord. What's missing? The Shadow Isles of course! After introducing the new Nightfall mechanics in our last article, we'll continue with Nocturne - a champion that couldn't be more appropriate for this!

Remember when we told you our concerns about the Nightfall cards and said Something is missing, isn't it? Now we have the answer: Nocturne. He brings the right additions to the Shadow Isles tempo.

Did you miss the Nightfall cards? No problem, just have a look here:

But now to Nocturne: What can the nightmare do?

LoR Nocturne Gameplay

Nocturne costs 4 mana, has 5/3 stats and what could be more appropriate - of course, it's fearsome (as if 5 attack wasn't enough for 4 mana). It also makes one enemy vulnerable when played, giving -1/-0 to ALL enemies this turn when its Nightfall effect is activated. If you attack five times with a Nightfall Unit, he will rise up and go completely crazy. All of your units get "fearsome" and it's enough to play another one to give the enemies -1/-0 again for this turn.

The combination of attack reduction and fearsome is perfect for speed and aggro decks. If you can play a good mana curve at the beginning, your enemies will simply not get anything on the field that would be able to block your Nightfall units.

Shroud of Darkness and Stalking Shadows

These two cards are just perfect! With mana costs of 1 and 2, you can use Nightfall in the early game. Shroud of Darkness fits perfectly with a fearsome unit. Your opponent won't be able to block, and with Shroud of Darkness your favorite is also immune to control spells. With Lurking Shadows, you'll always find the right companion to do some serious damage to the Nexus.

These two spells are exactly the addition that was missing before to make Nightfall work for us - the Shadow Isles are already giving us the creeps. If you want to see Nocturne in action on the board, we have the right thing for you. Just take look here:

Do you think that the Shadow Islands of Noxus are now complete in terms of aggro potential? Share your opinion on Facebook or Twitter.

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