Lulu has her fairy Pix and some speed

Legends of Runeterra: Lulu and Pix Do Their Mischief!

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Legends of Runeterra Lulu

Lulu and Pix just turn everyone they don't like into squirrels. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Call of the Mountain is the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra. More cards will be revealed every few days - and after Taric, Lulu has now been released as the new champion. What kind of mischief are the yordle and Pix up to? We have the stats of the cards for you.

Not long until the new Call of the Mountain expansion is released. Legends of Runeterra will add the new cards on August 26. Until then, we'll have no problem passing the time as there are already enough new champions, monsters, and effects known. So what can Lulu do and what does she bring to the table?

Lulu Call of the Mountain

All cards related to Lulu at a glance! (Image credit: Legends of Runeterra via Twitter)

Support Like You've Never Seen Before

Lulu is all about supporting and buffing your own units or turning enemies into poor little 1/1 squirrels. The new champion card costs 3 Mana and has 2/3 stats. The ally that Lulu supports becomes a 4/4 or 5/5 unit for your turn.

Note that she does not increase stats by +4/+4, or +5/+5, but sets the supported unit to those stats. So she's very concerned about mana, but can't push it endlessly. It's best to use Lulu to support units with low stats to get the most out of the new LoR champ. We are sure that Lulu will find her place in aggro and tempo decks. She brings many important tools to gain early board control. With Lulu's Whimsy, she can instantly turn strong enemy units into a cute squirrel with a quick spell. But beware: Whimsy does NOT work on champions. Braum and Taric might have a problem that you need to deal with either through buffs or control spells.

If you want to see Lulu in action on the board, we have just the thing for you. Take a look:

Legends of Runeterra via Twitter

Lulu will also be very easy to level up in the early game as her condition is "Our allies have been supported 3+ times". Since most of her cards are based around supporting allies it won't be too hard to complete it very early on.

For even more Runeterra news and everything esports and gaming, check out EarlyGame or the EarlyGame Youtube channel!

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