First came Nocturne´s Nightfall, now we have Leona and Daybreak

Legends of Runeterra: Leona Brings Along New Daybreak Mechanic!

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First came Nocturne´s Nightfall, now we have Leona and Daybreak. (Image credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends Region Targon gets its next champion! Leona is here and has the new mechanics Daybreak in her luggage. Find out what it does, how good Leona is and what cards she brings along!

Call of the Mountain, the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra, will be released on August 26. With Taric, Lulu, Trundle and Nocturne, four new champions are already known. But it's not the 26th yet, and Riot has a few days left to tease us new cards. Targon is missing one more champion besides Taric, so the region would be on par with the others. And here comes Leona, the second inhabitant of the mountains of Runeterra. So what is the Solari capable of and what does Daybreak do?

Legends of Runeterra via Twitter

What Does Daybreak Do?

Daybreak is activated when the card with this effect is played first on your turn. On the one hand, this makes the cards very easy to activate, but on the other hand, you need to think carefully about which Daybreak effect you want to use this turn. In the early game, the mechanics have a slight advantage over Nocturne and its Nightfall, but from the mid-game and with a little more mana in our pockets, we find Nightfall to be stronger. The cards are cheap anyway and you can activate several Nightfall effects early in one round. That just doesn't work with Daybreak - and so far, there is no known card that "resets the day" or something similar.

Did you miss the Nightfall card? No problem, just look here:

LoR Leona's Cards

Leona costs 4 mana, has 3/5 stats, and has her League of Legends ultimate as an ability. She uses it to stun the strongest opponent when played as a Daybreak card. Once she's ascended, you'll see her true potential - her effect will also be triggered by other Daybreaks and stuns will rain down from the sky. To get that far and let Leona ascend, you have to play 4 Daybreak cards first. It will take at least four turns to get the stronger version of Leona on the field. Wait a minute... 4 mana cost, then 4 Daybreak turns, that's turn 8 for her!?

In turn eight - at the earliest (!) - Leona will have a strong effect with stats of 4/6. This doesn't seem threatening to us now. So you have to use the Zenith Blade to buff Leona in the turns before the ascent so that she becomes a strong unit in time. The Daybreak effect is handy, as you'll draw a new Zenith Blade right after you've played the first one.

See for yourself, what we´re talking about

Legends of Runeterra via Twitter

Leona's Morning Light and Guiding Touch

These are the two true heroes of the Leona's cards. Leona's Morning Light costs five mana, and not only do all allies get +2/+2, their Daybreak effects are activated once again! It's the perfect follow-up card for Leona in turn four.

Guiding Touch
has what is called Value in the TCG genre. The value of this card is incredible. Not only is it a quick spell, it only costs 2 Mana, heals a unit or your Nexus by 2 AND lets you draw a card. One must go for each Targon deck and our favorite.

What are your thoughts on Daybreak and Leona? Do you already have deck ideas for them, or do you rather use Guiding Touch to make previous meta decks stronger? Write us your opinion and ideas on Facebook or Twitter.

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