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All good things come in threes

Legends of Runeterra: Invoke, Daybreak and Nightfall

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Invoke Mechanic Legends of Runeterra
If you like the random effects in Hearthstone, then LoR has you also covered! (Image credit: Riot Games)

After Daybreak and Nightfall, Invoke is the third new mechanic in the Call of the Mountain expansion. Apparently, Riot Games wants to change the meta in Legends of Runeterra. Change is good, right?

August 26 is coming soon. Just wait until Wednesday and all Call of the Mountain cards are finally playable - so get rid of your decklists and say goodbye to some champions. They might be benched!

Riot Games knows how to give the fans what they want. Not only do some of the cards look really cool and strong, but they also have the potential for completely new decks of their own. Oh, and did you see the new cinematics? If you missed the previous champions or the cinematic of Leona and Diana? Then take a look here:

Riot added two new mechanics in Daybreak and Nightfall. But of all good things come in 3's and here we have Invoke, the third mechanic of the bunch!

The Cards With Invoke

The Invoke effect is similar to hearthstone's Discover mechanic. When you play a card with Invoke, it activates automatically allowing you to choose between one of three random "Celestial Cards". The chosen one goes into your hand and the Celestial Cards are effects, but not actual cards. So far, six cards with the Invoke Mechanic are known:

  • Mountain Scryer - 4 Mana, 2/3 : "Celestial-Cards" cost 1 Mana less.
  • Spacey Sketcher - 1 Mana, 1/1 : Discard a card to trigger Invoke a 3 or less Celestial Card.
  • Lunari Priestess - 3 Mana, 2/1: When played as a Nightfall card, activate Invoke.
  • Solari Priestess - 3 Mana 1/2: When played as a Daybreak card activate Invoke a Celestial Cards of 4,5 and 6 mana.
  • Moondreamer - 5 Mana, 3/5: When the card is played, activate Invoke.
  • Behold the Infinite - 2 Mana Instant Spell: Activate Invoke.

The Invoke cards do not have good stats for their mana costs - so the celestial cards must be better, right?

Legends of Runeterra The Charger
Image Credit: Riot Games

The "Celestial Cards"

Not much is known about the Celestial Cards yet. There are said to be 17 of them, including monsters like The Charger, but also spells. The cheapest Celestial Cards costs 1 Mana, the most expensive one is said to cost 7 mana.

Not all CoM cards have been released yet, but if they are all as good as The Charger, then the Celestials really have it going on! The only thing that bothers us is the random factor of which cards you can choose from when you activate them, and if you have played Hearthstone you know how hit or miss this kind of mechanic can be. More RNG in a card game can be frustrating when you already suffer from the randomness of good and bad opening hands and draws.

We will of course keep you up to date if more Celestial Cards are released. They will probably be the last spoilers for Call of the Mountain and Targon as they are the most exciting cards in the set.

Which one do you like better: Daybreak and Leona, or Diana and Nightfall? Do you already have deck ideas for Invoke? Or will you stick with Sejuani/Ashe and Maokai/Nautilus from the previous Meta? Write us your opinion and ideas on Facebook or Twitter

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