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Legends of Runeterra: Diana, The Nightfall Faction Leader!

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The love-hate relationship between Diana and Leona never ends. Even their LoR mechanics are that way. (Source: Riot Games)

League of Legends' Targon gets its next champion! Diana is here and has the Nightfall mechanic up her sleeve in Legends of Runeterra. What can Diana do and what cards does she bring to the battlefield that will have your opponents scooping up their cards in defeat?

Call of the Mountain is the first expansion for Legends of Runeterra, scheduled for August 26. Taric, Lulu, Trundle, Nocturne, and Leona are already five of the new champions. But it's not the 26th yet, and Riot has a few days left to tease us with new cards. At the end of last week, Leona was finally revealed after the cool cinematic. She compares to Solari with her Daybreak mechanic and that to Nocturne and his Nightfall mechanic. But the cinematic was not only about Leona - and her better half stole the spotlight with her Nightfall mechanic. We present to you, Diana, the Moon's mockery.

You already know the mechanics of Nightfall, so let's jump straight into the analysis of Diana's strengths and weaknesses.

Legends of Runeterra's Diana

Diana is a 2 mana 2/2 and has the Quick Attack effect so she strikes first when you attack. If you activate her Nightfall effect, she also becomes a challenger and gets +2/+0. So, Diana is obviously a potential champion for aggro decks. Win fast before the enemy has a chance to deploy their champions. Diana is not particularly threatening as a stand-alone champion and is easily dealt with by cards like Mystic Shot which deals 2 damage and is played a lot in the current meta.

So, if your hand needs it you can use Diana to bait control spells.

Diana has a small impact on the game without nightfall, but other cards with Nightfall like Cygnus the Moonstalker, are very expensive for what they offer. 6 mana for a 4/2 and a temporary effect is not strong enough - other Nightfall cards are simply bad despite their low mana cost. Except one!

Diana's Pale Cascade

The glimmer of hope in the night sky! THIS is Value. Diana is not extraordinarily strong and to keep up the pace of the game you have to play enough buffs. These buffs must also NOT be countered or negated by silence. Diana's Pale Cascade is a 2-mana instant spell that could be used to buff Diana, but you also draw one card with her Nightfall effect AND shuffle another copy of Diana into your Deck.

Now baiting control spells works even better because you'll also chain together more Diana's over the course of a game.

Take a look yourself:

LoR via Twitter

  • Which one do you like better: Daybreak and Leona, or Diana and Nightfall?
  • Do you already have deck ideas for them?
  • Or will you stick with Sejuani/Ashe and Maokai/Nautilus from the previous meta?

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