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The LEC is more exciting than ever and that hasn't been left unnoticed by fans. Literally. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The LEC currently only takes place online. Due to the coronavirus pandemic there are no more local events or LAN events. Yet, somehow, this has not done any harm at all.

Because the Esports leagues are now only held online, the streams receive more support than ever before. Global circumstances have made online events more attractive and dramatically increased the number of spectators. Esports benefits from the people who are at home and need to dispel their boredom.

New LEC Viewer Record

Viewership data for the LEC, the highest tier of European League of Legends, was recently released by Riot Games and the numbers are, to put it mildly - impressive. To put it strongly - it's record-breaking! The LoL developer announced that more than 13,000,000 hours of LEC content were watched throughout the weekend.

This number of viewers easily trounces the 2019 figures, nearly doubling them! It is, therefore, no surprise that the viewership record has fallen as well. A proud 479,784 simultaneous viewers can say that they contributed to the breaking of a record. That's one thing to feel good about!


The LEC remains very popular even without live events. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Nothing Could Be More Exciting

Part of the reason for the high audience numbers is that the LEC Summer Split is currently incredibly exciting. MAD Lions and Rogue share first place with a 7:2 record. G2 and Misfits are also tied at 3rd and 4th with a 5:4 record. If you think the ties are done here, oooh boy, do I have news for you. Five more teams are all level at 4:5, each one of them with a chance at reaching the playoffs.

Schalke are the sole non-factor at the moment, while everyone else is clawing their way up the table. Favorites are beginning to slack a bit, underdogs are picking up, it's absolute madness! It's only natural that LoL fans will be flocking to watch that type of drama + there's always more incentive to watch when your personal favorites are in with a shout.

Cheers to all the record-breakers! We know not all of you will enjoy the final standings in the LEC, but nonetheless you're part of a small piece of history already.

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