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Third consecutive LEC loss for Fnatic

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After a 3:0 superweek, the spring finalists Fnatic have hit a snag. Will the LEC’s most decorated team return to glory in the LEC 2020 Summer Split?

With rivals for the top spot MAD Lions securing a win, Rogue wanted to do the same, but they would have to go through Fnatic to keep up. While last week was not kind to the veterans, they were no doubt keen on rising from the middle of the LEC pack.

Rogue was the stronger team in the opening minutes and took an early gold lead and two kills off a skirmish in the top lane. Fnatic tried to reply with a tower dive bot 7 minutes in, but after getting a kill they greeded for another and ended up losing two instead, which led to their already hurting bot lane falling further behind. Rogue, now with a significant advantage, gradually extended their lead.

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A key teamfight win just as Baron was spawning resulted in them taking an early baron as well.Fnatic tried to reply with a drake but were caught and lost another kill as well as the objective. Even with Martin "Rekkles" Larsson’s Aphelios scaling and Fnatic foiling one backdoor attempt, the situation looked hopeless. Rogue took the cloud soul and after a long siege got an ace and closed the game.

It was a sad loss for Fnatic, who made several mistakes that made their game that much harder. However, Rogue also showed that they can make good plays on their own and worked well with their map pressure. With this win, they join MAD Lions on top of the table with a 5:1 record, with SK alone in third place with one win less. Fnatic, meanwhile, are now at 3:3 alongside three other teams. With a lot of teams showing very strong performances, the LEC Summer Split looks to be remarkably competitive.


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