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LEC 2020 returns June 12 and shots are already fired

League of Legends
Lo L LEC Casters 2020

Your favorite casters will be returning! (Image credit: LoL Esports Photos via Flickr)

League of Legends has only a few days to go until LEC returns to us in full force, June 12. With fans, players, and casting talent excited, Riot Games decided to have some fun with LEC promotional videos for the event.

LoL fans rejoice!

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Image credit: Riot Games

League of Legends LEC, how we've missed you. Recent months have felt like years, and we couldn't stand not having good League of Legends content to watch anymore... Unless you want to watch our top 5 videos, those are pretty great.

Top 5 Plays from the best ADC in the world, Uzi.

I'm on a horse

Lo L LEC Vedi

Yes, yes he is. (Image credit: LoL Esports)

LEC decided to have a little fun with the promotion side of things, releasing a video called: “Our League is f****** great!”, to fans which was very well received. The entire video has huge inspiration from the Old Spice advert from long ago which made the video so much better.

LEC isn't the only league to be posting videos again though. Last night, LCS posted a beautiful animation video titled: "Are You Ready?", for all of you American League of Legends fans out there.

It's undeniable LEC and LCS are poking fun at each other, as we always have that age-old question: Who's better, NA or EU? We're sure there will be plenty of shots fired for the event.

When do LEC and LCS begin?

  • LEC: Friday 5:30 PM CEST Saturday 4:30 PM CEST with G2 Esports playing against MAD Lions.
  • LCS: Summer Split begins Friday, June 12 at 5 PM PT with 100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses, followed by a rematch of the Spring Finals between Cloud9 and FlyQuest.

Europe and LEC League of Legends have made incredible teams over the years, shaping them to become fit for the big end game tournament: Worlds 2020. While we're unsure how exactly Worlds this year will pan out, for now, you can expect great League of Legends content (besides ours).

For more League of Legends and all things LEC, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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