Bunny ears and eggs might be on the way

Leaks suggest next Apex Legends event will come before Easter

Apex legends easter event

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has done its fair share of holiday-themed events. Starting with the Fight or Fright for Halloween, then the Holo-day Bash to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Rendezvous for Valentine’s Day and now the next in line might be Easter.

Season 4 has been out for almost two months now and half the ranked season is already through. The game’s map changed today as it entered the second ranked split which marked a return to Kings Canyon. The current season already had two events – Valentine’s Day Rendezvous and System Override. Rendezvous was themed after the popular holiday and only brought some visual goods along with the time-limited duos mode. System Override, on the other hand introduced the Deja Loot mode and also Evo shields. The latter remained in the game even after the conclusion of the event.

So what’s next?

While we can’t tell for certain of what’s exactly coming it’d be a good guess to say that it’s going to be about Easter. The popular data miner ILootgames uncovered some code related to Pathfinder’s heirloom boxing gloves and Easter.

We clearly see that Easter is mentioned in the code. Considering that the holiday itself is getting pretty close, chances are we’ll see the event much sooner than we think. This year’s Easter celebration is on April 12 and looking back at Respawn’s previous events, we can give a good estimation on when to expect it:

  • Fight or Flight ran from October 15 to November 5, while Halloween was on October 31
  • The Holo-day Bash lasted for 26 days as it began on December 13 and ended on January 7
  • Valentine’s Day Rendezvous started February 12 and came to an end February 19

All of the above events started some time before the actual holiday and concluded after it. Since Easter is coming on April 12 it’s safe to say we can expect the celebrations to begin as early as before the end of March or in the worst case the first week of April. What specifics the event will present us with this time remains a mystery, but skins and some limited time mode are surely coming.

There’s also another potential in-game event coming in with a town takeover by Bloodhound. This was revealed by another data miner – Shrugtal. According to him we’ll be seeing a teaser on March 31.

As usual, Respawn haven’t been very vocal with fans about upcoming content and rightfully so, as the surprise will be ruined otherwise. It’d be interesting to see the two events tied together, despite them not having any connection. Will Bloodhound be hunting Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? Stay tuned for further updates.

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