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League of Legends Wild Rift Beta Start NOW: Everything You Need to Know!

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The League of Legends Wild Rift Beta starts NOW! Yes! You heard that right: The Wild Rift Beta officially starts on September 15th. For the first several weeks, the beta will only take place in Southeast Asia. More specifically, it will roll out in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand & Singapore in that order. After that, the beta will - over the next couple of months - roll out in other regions. Unfortunately, we don't know which regions exactly, but everyone who registered in the Google Play Store will get a notification when/if the beta becomes available in their region. Beta access will be handed out at random and is mobile-only for now - there is no word on the console version at this point.

Interestingly, iOS users can also sign up for a test phase via the official Wild Rift website for some form of testing that will run alongside the closed beta.

We're super excited and curious to also see some changes that Riot announced will make it into the closed beta:

  • 6 New Champions - Sona, Singed, Varus, Jarvan IV, Dr. Mundo and Amumu
  • 300 new cosmetics, including skins, stickers and recalls
  • A ranked mode that can be tackled as a solo player and with friends
  • A new emerald rank
  • New camera & control features that allow you to customize your Wild Rift experience.

Riot Games has stated that there will be many more news on the future of Wild Rift in early October. We can't wait to hear more and are looking forward to the first beta experiences.

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