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Top 5 Plays LEC Week 9

League of Legends

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The League of Legends European Championship is back and in-house for Week 9 of its 2020 Spring Season. Europe had an intense weekend with the best if 1 series with some surprise upsets along the way! join us as we breakdown and look at some of the best plays from the weekend that really stood out, notably, a rather exciting triple kill that really got us on the edge of our seats. We personally loved some of the playstyles this week, especially the interesting mid-lane picks that got us asking "Can that really go mid-lane here?", and yes, it really could. G2 remains dominant and we wonder if they'll be able to continue that on for the rest of the spring season. If like us and you want to know even more about League of Legends, consider checking out our What is LEC explainer where we break down the essentials of the popular EU bracket for brand-new players, how the system works and what you need to keep an eye out on when watching League of Legends esports. A huge thanks to Riot Games and the production crew for bringing LoL back to our screens! (Video credit: Riot Games)