In-game toxicity needs to be addressed by Riot Games as Voyboy speaks hard truths in his latest YouTube video that went viral

League of Legends – The sad state of Solo Q

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Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani spoke some hard truths in a recently released video that very quickly went viral on YouTube, Reddit and forums about toxicity in ranked Solo Queue.

The state of the community and the player base has gotten progressively worse over time"

What's going on?

Hard, but truthful words are spoken from a true League of Legends veteran. In a YouTube video well over 600 thousand views, with nearly 60 thousand likes, Voyboy hits hard the feelings of all players from all levels, especially in high-level competitive play.

It's no surprise coming from Voyboy, whose job is to stream popular game League of Legends at a high-level day in, day out. Voyboy encounters these toxicity issues more than others. His opinion was met with positivity from professional players and casual players alike, wanting Riot Games to address toxic nature more.

"In 2018, I actually went down to Riot Games HQ and I was talking to them about how the player base was getting progressively more, you know, irritated, toxic, lot more griefers, a lot more people just running it down, inting games."

He wasn't the only one with this same mindset, in the video, Voyboy mentions he's spoken with multiple professional League of Legends players, streamers and everyone is agreeing with him.

There's no punishment. There's no point in reporting people because Riot won't ban them, no one is scared of getting in trouble, no one is scared of getting banned, no one is scared of, you know, being barred from solo q"

It's been a gradual snowball effect from the community over the years and is now at a "Critical mass" as Voyboy puts it in his video. Riot Games has yet to comment on, or address this issue, but you can believe they've seen it and see what's going on.

League of Legends toxicity is a real issue in the community. Riot Games knows this, the player base knows this, and this video only emphasizes that there is a real problem with in-game toxicity that puts people off from playing or even bothering to play the game in the first place.

Voyboy has finally had enough and it seems the community is with him. We're not expecting a public response from Riot Games, but we can be assured that Riot community manager members have reached out to him about the video. Ultimately, Voyboy cares about League of Legends, loves the game, but recognizes there is a real, consistent, on-going toxicity issue that needs to be addressed more efficiently by Riot Games if they want to retain their player-base.

What do you think about the state of League of Legends Solo Q? For everything else League of Legends, keep it here with EarlyGame.

The Sad State of League Solo Q. (Video credit: Voyboy via YouTube)

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