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League of Legends – The New Esports Era From Riot: LoL Esports

League of Legends
LoL Esports puts Riot on the throne of the competitive scene

LoL Esports puts Riot on the throne of the competitive scene. (Image credit: Riot Games)

We already mentioned it: Riot has reached the Olympus of esports. Now they're asserting their supremacy with a unique platform. LoL Esports is dedicated to giving League of Legends fans everything their Esports hearts can dream of. But what exactly does LoL Esports do?

Once again, Riot is taking League of Legends' esports to the next level by taking it one step further than its competitors. The LoL Esports brand now provides a unique platform for world-class global competition. It is set to become the greatest esports entertainment experience for fans around the world. No matter which league, no matter which team: LoL fans of all countries, unite!

Video credit: Riot Games

EarlyGame was able to talk to the team around LoL Esports in advance and learn about the high goals Riot has set itself with this website. Global Head of the Esports division of Riot Games, John Needham commented:

We aspire to bring joy to billions of LoL Esports fans around the world. It starts with building a thriving global esports ecosystem supported by electrifying competition, sustainable growth, cutting-edge technology, bold entertainment, and a focus on integrity for our teams and the sport.

It's no wonder Riot is increasingly focused on the sporting aspect of League of Legends: Since its release in 2010, LoL has become the most popular esports title in the world. There are currently over 800 professional players on more than 100 professional League of Legends esports teams, with 12 leagues around the world. Each regional league consists of approximately 10 teams that compete in two seasonal splits throughout the year - now that's one solid ecosystem.

The schedule of the lolesports.com site shows all current, upcoming and past games

The schedule of the site shows all current, upcoming and past games. Additionally, older matches and live competitions can be watched too. (Image credit: Riot Games)

LoL Esports - What Does the Site Offer?

One click, all leagues at a glance. In fact, Riot Games throws its net wide. All leagues of LoL are presented on the digital channel lolesports.com. A little LEC here, a little LCS, or LPL there. Fans can follow every game and see which tournaments are upcoming and when. The focus is not only on your favorite team, LoL Esports expands your horizon and gives you an outlook on the talents from all countries. John Needham continued:

"From thrilling regional league competitions that captivate millions of fans across the globe to the iconic trophy lift at Worlds, it all now lives within LoL Esports."

And now I think he's offering even more. In addition to comprehensive information about all leagues, matches and players, there are three new video series with different perspectives on global LoL competitions.

Those who register and watch the matches on lolesports.com can look forward to rewards

Those who register and watch the matches on lolesports.com can look forward to rewards. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Here are also the first three planned series of LoL Esports:

  • Weekly Rundown - Weekly Rundown will showcase a weekly summary of competitive highlights and new developments from teams and players. (Airing July 21st, then weekly)
  • The Penta - The Penta will feature five of the best plays from around the world from each week of competition. (Airing July 22, then weekly)
  • Champ Select - Champ Select is a biweekly show, featuring a variety of guests who will advocate for standout players from their regional league. (Airing July 23rd, then bi-weekly)

And another little spoiler that we were able to take away from our conversation with Riot: On August 1, we'll finally know what's going to happen with LoL Worlds. Are they still coming in 2020? We will find out soon!

Until then we will continue to observe how Riot Esports develops. Will the developer do the same with Valorant? Will there be a valorantesports.com soon?

More news about League of Legends, Valorant along with everything gaming and esports can be found on EarlyGame.

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