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Ionia, full of magic and mystical beings

League of Legends: Tales of Runeterra - Ionia, the Magic Land

League of Legends
The land of Ionia. A region in Runeterra that is concerned about its balance in everything and everyone
Ionia, surrounded by treacherous seas and home to some of the strongest champions in League of Legends. (source: Riot Games)

Ionia, a land of magic and mystical places. The home of lovers, brothers and arch-enemies. A land that is both beautiful and mysterious. Join us on a journey that blurs the line between the realms of the worldly and the spirits.

Since the quest for the balance of all things has long characterized Ionian culture, the boundary between the realms of the worldly and that of the spirits is more permeable here - especially in the wild forests and mountains. No wonder that the Spirit Blossom Festival comes from Ionia!

There is a restless peace in Ionia. After twelve long years of war, the armies of Noxus have been defeated at a very high price. The country is divided. Some peoples want to hold on to their traditions and balance, others want to use the magic of Runeterra to create an army. In the midst of this political chaos, some champions fight their own battles. Some of the most powerful "League of Legends" Champions call Ionia home.

Irelia - The Blade Dancer

LoL Champion Irelia, Blade dancer of Ionia
Irelia, Blade dancer of Ionia (credit: Riot Games)

From a very young age Irelia was taught the silk dances of her culture. The Navori used them to get in contact with the primal soul of Irelia. Although Irelia did not feel so much connected to the magical world, she loved to dance. Shortly before the Noxian invasion, she left her village to learn from the best dancers in Ionia. When she heard of the first attacks, she returned home, only to find Noxian officers burying her family in a mass grave. Overwhelmed by her feelings, she felt a connection to her destroyed family crest and as if by magic the shards of it began to move through Irelia's hands. She killed some of the soldiers and fled.

"Once there was a time when I danced only for myself. Today I dance for the First Lands." - Irelia

Over the years of the invasion, a resistance built up. Irelia continued the tradition of dances. At the height of the war she met Swain, general of the Noxian army, with a rebel army. The two fought a fierce battle and Irelia cut off Swain's arm. The image of a young girl holding up the arm of a Noxian general spread throughout Ionia and Irelia became the leader of the resistance and the face of the art of war.

Ahri - The Nine-Tailed Fox

LoL Champion Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox
Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox. (credit: Riot Games)

The fox-like Vastaya comes from the spirit realm behind the veil of Ionia. She is one of the last Vastaya of her kind and, like her ancient people, has a deep connection to magic - something that humans could never understand. She is blessed with a gift and can manipulate and direct the memories of dying people while devouring their life essence. She got used to accompanying people in their last moments and the strange memories became an addiction.

Finally she devoured the essences of some warriors and saw other Vastaya in their memories. There were more of her kind, she was not the last! If she could find her own kind, all her questions would be answered, she is sure of that.

Meanwhile, the vixen roams the lands of Ionia, looking for other Vastaya to find answers about her origin and function in this world. She has renounced the essences of dying people - she wants to get back her own memories...

Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan,  lovers like no others
Xayah and Rakan, lovers like no others (credit: Riot Games)

These two are also Vastaya. Unlike Ahri, they are more than aware of their lhothlanic nature. Rakan is a dreamer and dancer, a singer full of carefreeness. Xayah, on the other hand, is cool, calm and always concentrated. The lovers complement each other perfectly in every respect and have one goal: To free the vastness of Ionia from the fetters of man! The latter spread more and more, violated contracts and sealed the wild magic that once swept like wind through the home of the Vastaya.

The people went so far that the Vastaya had nothing left in the end. Xayah could not let this sit on him and gathered allies of all tribes around him. They wanted to reclaim their land. Together Xayah and Rakan won one battle after another. Nothing seems to stop them and they have a clear goal in mind.

No sooner was the battle against Noxus over, than the peoples of Ionia began warring against each other - which was anything but good for the balance...

Zed and Shen

Shen and Zed, an eternal enmity
Shen and Zed, an eternal enmity. (credit: Riot Games)

Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadows, an organization he founded to militarize Ionian martial and magic arts. During the war against Noxus, his desperation led him to the secrets of the Shadow Form - an insidious spirit magic as dangerous and corrupt as it is powerful. Zed learned the forbidden techniques to destroy anyone who posed a threat to his nation or his new order.

Shen is the eye of the twilight and the leader of the Ionian Kinkou warriors. He walks between the worlds of Ionia and is not a member of any of them. Like his father, Shen is bound by the resolve not to be guided by emotion, prejudice, or personal desire. The balance of the worlds and justice is all that matters to him.

Long ago, Shen's father taught the two disciples. They were equals and quickly developed a brotherly relationship. The imminent war against Noxus divided Zed and Shen. While the first eye of the twilight and his son would only stand idly by, Zed set out to defeat the invaders at any cost. Driven by incomprehension and hatred, Zed killed Shen's father, seized the secrets of the Shadow Form, and with all his strength, he stood up to the Noxian army... For Ionia! To this day, Shen cannot forgive him for the murder of his father, and is in conflict. How can he not let his emotions guide him? How long can he maintain the balance of the worlds when he is longing for revenge?

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