League of Legends: Seraphine's first skills leaked!

League of Legends -
LoL Seraphine
Slowly we learn more about the new Champ. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends new singer Seraphine will soon be in the game. Riot has kept her under wraps, but a data miner has now provided early insight into the mage's abilities.

According to the Brazilian streamer "Streamie," Seraphine is set to become a "sensational mage." However, it is still unclear whether she will get a burst kit like Syndra and Zoe or become a control mage like Orianna. She could also take on a support role and follow in the footsteps of Karma. What do you think?

Two of her abilities are leaked thanks to a data miner by the tag of "PixelButts" - and it looks like Seraphine will become a mixture of all these playstyles.

Seraphine's Passive and E-capability

Her passive includes a new "Echo" mechanic that allows her to use abilities twice. When she uses her abilities near allies, she also gets "notes" which gives her additional attack range and damage on her next attack.

This could make for some pretty cool combos with the rest of her kit - even in combination with her leaked E. Seraphine's third ability shields all nearby allied champions and gives them increased movement speed - similar to Karma's E ability. However, when Seraphine shields herself, nearby allies are healed depending on their missing Health.

In combination with the Echo Passive, this means that Seraphine can shield and heal her allies at the same time when she has stacked her Passive.

Sincewe don't know about the remaining abilities, we can't yet tell if the kit will develop more in damage or support direction. So both options (mid and support) remain open for the new Champ Seraphine.

What do you wish for the new champ? Do you finally want a cool AP support or a strong mid-laner again?

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