Fiddlesticks enters the rift, notable buffs, updates and more

League of Legends Patch 10.7 Notes

League of Legends
Fiddlesticks Rework Art 1

Welcome to Summoner's Rift, Fiddlesticks. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Today, Riot Games continued putting the fear in us at EarlyGame by letting the horrifying bundle of hay Fiddlesticks loose in the Summoner's Rift for Patch 10.7! With brand-new lore and a new title to boot, the Harbinger of Doom has finally arrived. Keep going to find out more about Patch 10.7.

Notable changes

  • Fiddlesticks – Fear the Harbinger of doom.
"The spooky scarecrow is ripping out brains in 10.7. Now with 100% more Oogie and boogie."
Lo L Fiddlesticks pumpkin

Fiddlesticks rework. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Fiddlesticks arrives entirely reconstructed with new skins, voice lines, interactions and kit modifications that we covered in our previous articles. After a decade in LoL, the bundle of hay will cause havoc with some menacing abilities, notably his passive which we've enjoyed so much.


Fiddlesticks aside, five other skins arrived, including a nice variety of cosplay appearances, and they look cute as a button! This is an obvious homage by Riot Games to the League of Legends cosplay community. Joining them are three new additions to the Worldbreaker skins which bring new life to Malzahar, Maokai, and Sion.

Notable buffs

Lo L Riven

Riven has been buffed! (Image credit: Riot Game)

Patch 10.7 sees several champions being beefed up this patch and they include:

  • Akali
  • Corki
  • Galio
  • Ivern
  • Kai'Sa
  • Nasus
  • Riven
  • Xin Zhao

Out of these, Xin Zhao is the one to watch out for this Patch 10.7 as his passive: "Determination" sees his base heal increased to now 10-112 (levels 1-18). We strongly suggest you pick him or ban him to save yourself the later game hassle he brings.

Riven's changes to her hit points and health regeneration could see her return to the top lane once more. With the upper portion of the Summoner's Rift dominated with high damage, Riven continued to struggle and so her 8.5 health regeneration and increased base health of 560 are a welcome addition.

Notable nerfs


Wukong's much-needed nerfs are here. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Patch 10.7 sees several champions taken down a notch who include:

  • Garen
  • Talon
  • Nocturne
  • Wukong

Let's discuss Wukong right away as his changed kit was simply so overpowered that League of Legends became overrun with Monkeys in-game (not just your teammates). His passive: "Stone Skin" armor has been reduced to 5-9 (level 1-18) and "Nimbus Strike" has been taken down significantly from 0/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200 which we foresaw coming as it was so strong.

From meme to nightmare, Nocturne's mid-lane antics have been hit as base health regen and magic resist growth have been decreased to stop him from becoming a true terror in the mid lane:

"We’re cutting out some of Nocturne’s general power, focusing on letting his opponents attrition him out of lane and controlling his scale potential before going full on darkness."

The Patch in brief

Riot Games provided another image for us this Patch 10.7 so if you need a quick rundown, we've got you covered:


Patch 10.7 in brief. (Image credit: Riot Games)


This patch saw some much-needed champion changes, especially to Wukong and Xin Zhao. We strongly suggest to still pick Wukong even after the nerfs as he's still going strong and if you want to branch out a little, the buffs to Xin Zhao make him a menace to watch out for this patch.

Keep it here at EarlyGame as we continue to dive deeper into these League of Legends changes.

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