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League of Legends Patch 10.12: What to expect

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High noon Irelia will arrive for Patch 10.12! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Patch 10.11 saw some interesting developments in the bottom half of Summoner's Rift, so why is Senna buffed for Patch 10.12? Read on to find out more!

League of Legends
can't get enough of the bottom lane at the moment. Patch 10.11 saw several huge changes to Marksman, giving them increased health and base health over time. What's going on in Patch 10.12, though? We've got some confirmation from Mark Yetter on Twitter on some preview changes that'll most likely make their way into Patch 10.12.

Note: These are preview changes and may not reflect the final Patch 10.12 notes that are due on June 10th.

Senna Buffs


(Image credit: Riot Games)

Let's address the elephant in the metaphorical room right now, with Senna being buffed for Patch 10.12. Nevermind her new High-noon skin (which looks stunning by the way) these changes will see an increase in her attack speed from 0.2 to 0.35, making her deal even more damage than before.

These changes for Senna aren't really needed. Right now, Senna is already benefitting from the Patch 10.11 changes, giving her increased overall health, and now she can deal damage even faster? No thank you Riot Games, let's hope this change does not go into Patch 10.12.

Yasuo nerfs


(Image credit: Riot Games)

Yasuo has been left untouched by Riot Games for a while, but not any longer for Patch 10.12. Yasuo's nerfs are welcome to League of Legends, which will see his base health reduced from 523 to 490. This alone is a great nerf for Yasuo who, in the EarlyGame, just dealt far too much damage, so we hope those changes go through.

Players laughed at the base health changes, where the problem lies in Yasuo's raw damage output. We hope to see some changes to his overall damage in 10.12, not just his health. Some very interesting potential changes coming to the Cloud Rift and Internal Rift look very promising from Yetter's Twitter post. Cloud Rift's movement speed has been increased to 35% when out of combat, and a new Blast cone has been added near Gromp camp and the base gates, which could make for some interesting late-game plays!

We're excited to see if additional changes will be coming, but for now, if those Senna changes go in, the bottom lane will be in for a fun time. What do you think of these upcoming changes? For a deeper dive into the League of Legends patch notes, stay tuned for the full release of Patch 10.12 where we will dive even deeper into more League of Legends content.

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