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League of Legends: Meteos Leaves 100 Thieves

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League of Legends Veteren Meteos leaves his LCS team. The 100 Thieves jungler announced his departure on Twitter yesterday. How did it come about and what are the next steps for the pro?

The 100 Thieves had a very weak start in the LCS Summer Split. With only one victory and 5 defeats, the organization became restless. After all, Worlds 2020 is coming up, and Summer Split 2020 is important for the qualification to World.

100 Thieves decided to put Meteos on the bench in the third week of LCS. As a result, he let his emotions get the better of him and wrote a string of malicious tweets, which have since been deleted.

In the meantime, the situation has calmed down, and Meteos had enough time to think about his future. 100 Thieves offered the youngster the chance to share the playing time on the academy team with the second player on the position, Shane "Kenvi" Espinoza. However, this would have disadvantages for both players, and so Meteos decided to leave 100 Thieves, giving his spot up as: "splitting time wouldn’t be ideal for either of us, or the rest of the team."

"I’d like to ask that nobody sends negativity toward 100 Thieves, they’re a good group of people and I genuinely hope they do well."

In his twitlonger, Meteos explains that his future is uncertain, and apologizes to his now-former team for his behavior in the past. We wish him all the best and hope to see Meteos continue to play in the LCS. How do you see it, are 100 Thieves better off without him? Tell us about your opinion on Facebook or Twitter.

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