What about Lillia and Samira?

League of Legends: Is Yone Getting All of Riot's Attention?

League of Legends

Yone's ability kit looks incredibly strong on paper. But what about Lillia and Samira? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Right now, Riot Games are flooding us with new content and especially champions. Lillia just came out, Yone is hitting the Rift on August 4, and, with Patch 10.17, Samira will join League as the latest ADC. But somehow everyone is just talking about the rooster in the henhouse. Riot, what about the girls?

Looking at the latest stats on Lillia and then seeing the kit of the next champion, Yone, some questions need answering. Is Riot neglecting the fawn because of the hype about the samurai? And will Samira get off to a bad start like her predecessor?

The community is getting more restless and we'd like to clear a few points of discussion here. As with our Patch 10.16 analysis, we will break down the patch notes, and all the available numbers and info for you to evaluate objectively.

Is Lillia Really That Weak?

Lillia's win rate is at 30.7

After a very weak start, her win rate has somewhat increased now. (Image credit: op.gg)

The short answer is: yes... and no. A 42% winrate is weak, no question about that. But you must keep in mind that champions always perform a little bit worse in the beginning. Nobody has much experience playing with or against them. Lillia is no exception and she is slowly working her way up - after all, the deer only had an even weaker 38% winrate at the beginning (which was too low even for a new champion).

Her kit is based on playing around teamfights and inflicting damage to opponents with multiple Q's until you can take the final blow with an R-W combo and the help of your mates. Her style of play is really cool in itself, if it wasn't for the meta... And that's the real bad part of Lillia. Right now, fights don't last long and there's a lot of competition in the jungle - especially with the latest buffs to Hecarim and Skarner and in general regarding Kha'zix, Olaf and Fiddlesticks. These are all much stronger early game junglers, which doesn't make it any easier for Lillia to snowball. That's why she just doesn't get the ball rolling in most games.

Riot patches a lot now and tries to boost variety in the meta. Maybe Lillia will be a better pick soon. But in our opinion, she needs a light buff - and not even on her damage. A little less cooldown on her E should be enough. Give the fawn another week or two and we will see her at a 45% winrate, we are sure of it.

Lilia League of Legends Splash Art

Lilia in League of Legends. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Yone, the darling of the public

A teaser video and a mini anime series that tells the story of him and his brother Yasuo. A skin in a new soul blossom look and and and and... Riot planned the big stage for Yone. And the community can't get out of the hype. In our patch 10.16 analysis we already looked at his kit and discussed how strong he is. If you missed the analysis, have a look below.

Those who have had a look at the kit and the numbers that go with it will agree that Yone really does look strong on paper. Lillia players in particular complained that Yasuo's brother was getting a lot more love than the new jungler and that Lillia was being neglected. In fact, the hype around Lillia quickly spilled over to Yone and she seemed almost forgotten, perhaps because of her poor start. On top of that she didn't get a buff with patch 10.16.

We must partially agree with the community. Because the trend clearly shows a favorite and the story and kit around Yone are spectacular. We really believe that the focus is on Yone now, but that's a good thing. After all, he is still being tested and adjusted if necessary, so that he doesn't go live too strong. We haven't been able to see him in action yet, so we don't want to jump to conclusions about how powerful he really is. But one thing should be said: we often hear the outcry about new champions being OP, but rarely proves to be true. Yasuo has a remarkably similar kit and is the perfect example of a win rate below 50%.

And the reason Lillia doesn't get a buff yet is because she hasn't been in the game long enough, and not because of the lack of ambition of the developers. Riot is still actively collecting data on her. As soon as this is completed, the first adjustments will come, I promise. Until then, it's best to keep training and then get going!

What About Samira?

We have caught just a glimpse of Samira, but we can already see from this that Riot have a large champion development team and are sticking to their road map. The Easter Eggs and comments from Riot show us that Samira allows two different playstyles but would probably become a very offensive ADC.

About her kit we could only puzzle at this point... But now to the actual point. Yone is not even published and still Easter Eggs are implemented and the next but one champion is announced. Riot can only do that if enough developers are working on Samira. Everyone who feels at home in the bot lane can look forward to a new, special ADC. That's our first impression of Samira.

To sum it up: Don't worry! Riot's developers are spreading their love evenly - and should Yone really be too strong, the first nerfs will arrive with patch 10.17 and Samira.

What do you think about Lillia, Yone, and Samira? Do you agree with or not really? Feel free to write us on Facebook or Twitter.

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