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Lux Galaxies Event

Lux makes a return with another skin! (Image credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends knows us well. The current League of Legends event, Galaxies 2020, will run until April 27, presenting all players with big choices to make. What side have you chosen?

Yes, it's a bit like good vs. evil – with terms Cosmic vs. Dark or Duty vs. Ambition used here. In the League of Legends Galaxies 2020 event, every player will be able to pick a side. At the end of the event on April 27, the players' most popular choice will be revealed and we'll see the ending to the current LoL special. Meanwhile, an old game mode will bring some fun with two cool Lux skins and missions with various rewards for players to get.

(Video credit: Riot Games)

The story of Galaxies 2020

With the galaxy in our hands, we're pressed for time, so here is the event in a short summary. In Galaxies 2020, every player can choose whether to place themselves behind "Duty" or "Ambition". Tokens will be collected in various missions but Lux plays a crucial role.

Client menu galaxies event lol

What the client looks like at the moment! (Image credit: Riot Games)

New Cosmic Lux Skins

For Galaxies 2020, two new skins have been created for Lux which will decide the fate of the galaxy. Will the community choose light or dark, Duty or Ambition?

Cosmic Lux

Cosmic Lux

Cosmic Lux. (Image credit: Riot Games)

If you want to start the event, you first have to choose between the two sides and that also means deciding between Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux. The former stands for the supposedly good side: for light, justice, and sense of duty.

Dark Cosmic Lux

Dark Cosmic Lux

Dark Cosmic Lux. (Image credit: Riot Games)

But the rather wilder, unruly Dark Cosmic Lux dressed in purple may also have its charms. It stands for power, playful malice and ambition. But what will this dark side do to the galaxy if it wins? Maybe you SHOULD pick the dark side...

Galaxies 2020 missions

Once you've chosen a side for the Galaxy 2020 event, you can complete various missions, unlock tokens and various in-game rewards. Two missions are available at the beginning of the event, and more will be unlocked later as you complete your chosen side.

The first mission is to win a game or play three matches – this unlocks the tokens. For the second mission, 30 matchmade games must be completed. For this, you will receive 60 tokens and a Galaxies Orb. The Orb contains a random skin and can yield a Galaxies Grab Bag with a 4-percent drop chance – it cannot be purchased with tokens, so bear that in mind.

Event Pass

Those who want to go the extra mile and buy the Galaxies 2020 event will receive four Galaxies Orbs and 200 Tokens. Also, exclusive missions will be unlocked where additional tokens and rewards such as prestige points (for prestige skins) are waiting for you. The pass to get these League of Legends galaxy goodies costs 1650 RP.

Lo L Galaxy Event menu

What side will you pick? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Galaxy Rewards

Here is what you can get for your tokens for the Galaxy event in the League of Legends store:

  • 1 token = 10 Blue Essence
  • 10 tokens = 100 Blue Essence
  • 20 tokens = 1 key fragment
  • 40 Tokens = random emote
  • 50 Tokens = random champion shard
  • 50 Tokens = Cosmic icon
  • 60 tokens = 1 key
  • 180 Tokens = 3 keys
  • 200 Tokens = Galaxies Orb
  • 400 tokens = a random and rare Little Legend
  • 600 tokens = a random and rare Little Legend of a selected series
  • 2000 tokens = Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition
  • 2200 tokens = 100 Prestige Points and one icon

For 250 tokens you get the following Cosmic Skins:

  • Dark Star Xerath
  • Dark Star Murder Emperor
  • Dark Star Malphite

And for 300 tokens there are alternative colors plus matching icons from the following skins:

  • Dark Star Xerath
  • Dark Star Varus
  • Dark Star Orianna
  • Dark Star Jarvan IV
  • Dark Star Murder Emperor
  • Dark Star Thresh

Tips and tricks

Hoarding is the name of the game for this event, so keep those tokens stacking! A great way to complete missions is to group with friends and we suggest you do this, especially in these times. This makes the whole event a lot more fun and enjoyable for all.

Keep in mind that you do not need to buy the pass to unlock the galaxy-themed item you want. However, you are going to play more games if you do not own the pass, so keep that in mind before saving for what you want! Get those games going and pick a role you are comfortable with to ensure a higher chance of winning your Summoner's Rift games.

If you can play all roles, then we suggest Mid and Jungle as they have the highest win rate at the moment.

One for all is back

One for all1

One for all returns! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Guess who's back... Back again... The game mode "One for All" is back: Each team chooses one champion and then all players from that team have to play which is absolute chaos. Fun ideas: Thresh versus Blitzcrank. We cannot suggest anything better than seeing an entire group of people miss their key hooks. Absolute. Chaos.

So let's shoot for the moon and aim for the... Galaxy? We've got April Fools ahead of us and who knows what Riot Games is planning.

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