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League of Legends Champion Reveal: Pingu, the Guide

League of Legends
Pingu lol april fools day

Welcome to the Summoner's Rift, Pingu. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Armed with an ice pick, he waddles through the ice, directly towards the Summoner's Rift. Or not, because (April Fools!) Riot Games has fooled us all. Alleged new champion Pingu is part of their April Fools for League of Legends – what a brilliant prank!

"Few have survived to tell the story of this fearsome creature. Wherever Pingu appears, he leaves a trail of destruction and a level of devastation that only hints at the bloody violence this evil beast uses."

This is how Riot Games describes Pingu on their League of Legends website.

The absolutely not scary looking: "hero" named Pingu, The Guide, is said to soon be causing terror in Summoner's Rift. As if! Because everything about this cute little penguin belongs to a perfect April Fool's joke. A Riot video proves that:

Riot Games Pingu reveal. (Video credit: Riot Games via YouTube)

Yes, the graphics seem to be a bit different than usual for LoL. Nevertheless, some people fell for the joke, which you can see on the League of Legends Reddit.

Even the drawn equipment now looks absolutely ridiculous – and ingenious. But there is something familiar about it: The weapon drawings are the same as those for the allegedly leaked new LoL hero "Aidyn". And like Pingu, he should be from Freljord too. Hint, hint?

Pingu april fools Lo L day

Looking VERY similar to the "leaked" Aidyn. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The YouTube voice test of Aidyn is also very similar with some of Pingu's quotes, such as: "You go through war, or you perish". The video was leaked from the account "Riot Leak", which was created just a few days ago. Coincidence? We do not think so.

Pingu voice test. (Video credit: Riot Games via YouTube)

But, damn it, does this supposed hero Aidyn even exist? Since two new champions have already been announced for LoL, a jungler with flowers and a masked solo lancer, we are kept uncertain. The descriptions don't really sound like Aidyn, it could all be a big part of the April Fool's joke which we're sure it is.

That's why we're naming Riot Games the April Fool's King of the Year. Rainbow Six Siege may have made an effort with their April Fools gun pendant, but it's nothing compared to Pingu. Blizzard Entertainment also has something else in store for their Overwatch fans: in this April Fool's Update, the heroes will be wearing googly eyes.

Well done Riot Games. Just be careful, though... We all asked for a cute looking Urgot skin and look what happened... If you need a link to everything else, we've got you covered.

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