K1CK came close, but it was not enough

LDLC OL are the new EU Masters champions!

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A victorious return and an impressive outing for two of LDLC's stars. (Image credit: Riot Games)

It was not easy and at times it was not pretty, but France’s LDLC stand triumphant after a 3-0 victory against K1CK Neosurf in the EU Masters Finals.

How they got there

It had been a wild ride for both teams – but especially K1CK, the second seed from the Polish Ultraliga that went through the play-in stage. The squads had a similar route in the main event, going through tiebreakers before facing off their group rivals to secure the finals spots.

Game 1: Strong start for the foxes

The French team took the opening shot in the series, taking first blood and proceeding to have a very good early game. After several skirmishes went their way, their dragon control paid off and they were on point for an ocean soul before 20 minutes had gone by. K1CK fought back, however, delaying the soul after a key victory where they took 3 kills and eventually came out ahead in gold.

32 minutes into the game it was anyone's game to win. Video credit: Riot Games

LDLC eventually rallied, getting ocean soul and a Baron, before a teamfight win 32 minutes in gave them the opportunity to take the elder drake. With it, they had the advantage they needed to close out the game and a few minutes later, a 3-0 fight near K1CK’s mid inhibitor let them do just that.

Game 2: From the jaws of defeat

It was looking like another good start for LDLC after Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié got first blood in a 1v1 fight, but K1CK hit back with a vengeance. Marcin "iBo" Lebuda’s Aatrox was running amok in the top lane; after a 3v1 failed to kill him before his teammates collapsed, the Polish squad was soon winning all lanes. In the mid-game, K1CK secured a baron, an inhibitor and eventually an ocean soul.

A gutsy call started the LFL team's comeback. Video credit: Riot Games

The game looked all over when a desperate gamble paid off for the French representatives. First, they snuck away the Baron and then won a key fight off a poor engage by K1CK. The Foxes were now leading – but it all came to an Elder drake fight. There, the French team secured the objective and with the powerful buff got a 4-0 fight that let them end the game. LDLC took a game they had no business winning – and their jungler was happy to boast.

Game 3: So long and thanks for all the memes

Even with Vetheo on his signature Zoe, the French team came out of the early game on the back foot. K1CK took two early drakes and 15 minutes in collapsed on an overcommit by LDLC to kill iBo which led to a triple kill for Łukasz "Puki Style" Zygmunciak’s Aphelios.

Despite the mid-game lead, however, a series of teamfight wins let the Foxes delay the ocean soul and even get a baron 29 minute in. The Polish squad was unable to get ocean soul and eventually was two inhibitors down. After a series of sloppy plays, LDLC closed out the game after an ace near the Baron 38 minutes in to complete the 3-0 sweep.

It was a clean sweep for LDLC OL, but it was not an easy series for them. K1CK earned their spot in the finals and came close to winning multiple times, but tenacity and good teamfighting saw LDLC triumph. With this, the storied organization finally has a roster that lives up to the high expectations as the best team from all the European regional leagues

LDLC win

Congratulations to the champions and the LFL - the only region with two EU Masters titles.

If you want to retrace LDLC’s path to the title, check out or earlier coverage:


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