100 Thieves end the winnings streak as Immortals Stump TSM

LCS Sunday Review: Weekend of Upsets Continues As Cloud9 Suffer First Loss

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The 18:0 dream is dead for the LCS summer split champions as 100 Thieves handed them their first defeat. With TSM and Evil Geniuses also losing their games, Team Liquid is now the clear second team, but the fight for the other spots remains tight.

Immortals Outlast TSM

Despite starting the day as the last team in the standings, Immortals continued their trend of playing well against good teams as they faced off against Team SoloMid. The underdogs got two quick kills and proceeded to dominate the early game, amassing a 4K gold lead just 15 minutes in. Their early dragon control paid off as well, resulting in an infernal soul secured seven minutes later. TSM tried to stall and got several picks, but a flank attempt 27 minutes in backfired and IMT took the fight, and Elder drake and the Baron, using them to break in the TSM base.

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33 minutes into the game, Immortals were 5v4 in the enemy base and all 3 inhibitors were down - yet TSM fought on, acing their opponents and securing the Elder drake soon after. However, it was not enough - Immortals took the baron, waited out the drake buff and then pushed in to win.. This is only Immortals’ second win of the split, but if the team can retain this form they can end up being a problem for many teams jostling for playoff spots.

100 Thieves Break C9’s Winning Streak

With both teams focusing on the top lane, 100 Thieves got a good early lead when Juan "Contractz" Arturo Garcia ‘s Olaf secured first blood 6 minutes in. C9 eventually replied, but they kept being shortly behind for much of the early game.

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Things went south for the spring champions 17 minutes in as they tried to engage in the mid lane only to be beaten back and lose 3. Things were quickly going from bad to worse for Cloud9 as their opponents quickly extended their lead to 5K and over the next six minutes won several fights, took a baron and secured the cloud soul. Now with an overwhelming lead, 100T took a mid inhibitor before switching top. C9 committed to a fight but were pushed back and nearly aced, letting 100T push in for the win. It was a double accomplishment for the team, who not only broke Cloud9’s 9-game winning streak but also had their third consecutive victory.

Great Mid-Game Wins Team Liquid a Key Victory

With two other top teams suffering losses on the night, the pressure was on Team Liquid to keep up and not stumble against Golden Guardians. Indeed, the favorites took first blood and had several good fights in the early game, but GG kept close and got several kills of their own. However, as the mid-game started, Team Liquid’s better map play and their ability to exploit any mistakes made the difference. They first secured a 3:0 fight and a Baron 24 minutes in, then five minutes later a catch on Can "Closer" Çelik resulted in TL taking an inhibitor. Golden Guardians could not contest the next Baron, but after a 2:1 skirmish victory went for the next drake - only for Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen to steal it. Now with an infernal soul, Team Liquid won the subsequent fight and ended the game shortly afterwards. With this win, TL are now standing at 8:2, two games ahead of TSM and just one win behind Cloud9.

CLG Win Slugfest Against Evil Geniuses

CounterLogic Gaming were off to a hard start when Colin "Kumo" Zhao picked Riven and got massive help early with early ganks. Evil Geniuses quickly amasses a gold lead that they kept for most of the early game and Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro’s Ekko was everywhere. The game looked all but decided 20 minutes in, when CLG was caught in their own jungle and lost three, but EG was unable to capitalize. Instead, several minutes later CLG killed the enemy mid and jungler and secured the first baron and their third drake. The game was soon virtually even with both teams trying to find an opening, with CLG taking down an inhibitor to limit Ekko’s splitpushing.

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Eventually, CLG took down the enemy bot inhibitor and used this pressure to secure the Baron, but were forced to retreat after a 3:3 fight. Inexplicably, EG did not pursue and the two retreating CLG players secured the ocean soul as well. Evil Geniuses defended themselves well, but were slowly ground down.. The final blow came 46 minutes in, when Eugene "Pobelter" Park threatened to push into the EG base, pulling them away from the Elder drake so his team could secure it, getting the advantage they needed to push in and end the game. With this, CounterLogic Gaming is tied with EG for fourth with a 5:5 record.


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