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LCS 2020 Weekend Recap: Cloud9 continue to dominate the summer split

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LCS 2020 week 2 finished, and with Cloud9 standing above the rest, can they continue the domination they held in spring?

League of Legends fans in North America had three whole days of LCS action, and where they were winners, there were losers. If you need a recap of LEC's weekend antics, we've got you covered!

Let's talk Cloud9, who, at the moment, stands at four wins and 0 losses in week 2 of LCS Summer 2020. Their game against Evil Geniuses was a doozy, with a fantastic team composition, communication, and incredible team fighting that lasted a mere 25mins and 28 seconds.

  • EarlyGame player of the game: Blaber. Blaber's Olaf in the match against Evil Geniuses was incredible. He was always near when fights broke out, always challenging, and taking objectives and seemingly transitioned so well in the different stages of the game it looked like a moving work of art. Blader died only once at (14:57) with a rather aggressive tower dive, but even then, Cloud9 still came out on top. Well played, Blaber.

Cloud9's domination continued in their match against Golden Guardians. While Cloud9 were on the back foot in the EarlyGame, it was Licorice who shone above the rest for Cloud9, destroying everything in his path as the recently reworked Volibear, finishing 7/2/5, alongside Zven who finished 7/2/9 on Aphelios.

EarlyGame player of the game: Licorice. His Volibear plays and team fights were unmatched and unrivaled in helping Cloud9 take victory over Golden Guardians, earning him the EarlyGame player of the game during this match. Keep up the great work, Licorice.

Evil Geniuses are forever looking up at the moment, standing at three wins and one loss at the end of LCS week 2. Their game against Team Liquid was commanding, with Kumo and Jiizuke playing exceptionally well in their lanes, both players going deathless and providing the damage EG needed to take the win.

  • EarlyGame player of the game: Jiizuke. Jiizuke Twisted the fate of EG with a stellar Twisted Fate game, finishing 5/0/2. He was where the team needed him, roaming and supporting all sides of the map with his ultimate, earning him our player of the game.

Things weren't looking great for Team SoloMid, who, after acquiring Doublelift, is still failing to make a significant impact this summer split. Immortals aren't living up to their name, who tie bottom place with Dignitas at zero wins and four losses. If you need a final look at the week two standings, we've got you covered!

Who will come out on top?

We're only in week 2 of the LCS, but the skill difference is showing! We hope Team SoloMid and Immortals can offer us more in the coming weeks, as their performance has been less than desirable at the moment considering their incredible past victories in previous League of Legends tournaments. If you need to see the best of the best from the weekend, our Top 5 Plays will help you out!

LCS 2020 Top 5 Plays: Week 2

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