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Valorant: Riot Finally Reveal Killjoy

Killjoy model nerdy

Riot were really going for that nerdy look. (Image credit: Riot Games)

It's official, the model for the latest Valorant agent has been revealed. We've heard a lot about Killjoy lately, but now we finally get to see her. Without further ado, here's the reveal video:

Killjoy Reveal Video | Video Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Valorant's upcoming agent managed to build quite the reputation even before her official release. Killjoy got her abilities and their sounds leaked along with various responses from other agents. Before the official reveal Riot teased fans on Twitter where they posted some pictures along with the word "Who is she?" in German.

Now, Riot Games revealed the character's model for the first time and guess what? She really is quite nerdy.

concept art agent Killjoy Valorant

Concept art for agent Killjoy. (Image credit: Riot Games)

concept art agent Killjoy Valorant

More concept art for Killjoy. (Image credit: Riot Games)

At first glance, Killjoy reminds us of a Fortnite character. Her bright colors are in almost total contrast to any of the other agents and we wonder if that'll be a downside on some maps.

Killjoy Release Date

The release date for agent Killjoy is confirmed as August 4. That's also the same date when fans can expect a huge new patch. Much like when Reyna was introduced along with some changes.

Killjoy's Abilities

We've already covered those since they were leaked a few days back, but here's a brief summary of her skills.


  • Q - Alarmbot - EQUIP a covert Alarmbot. FIRE to deploy a bot that hunts down enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes, dealing damage and applying Vulnerable. HOLD EQUIP to recall a deployed bot.
  • E - Turret - EQUIP a Turret. FIRE to deploy a turret that fires at enemies in a 180 degree cone. HOLD EQUIP to recall the deployed turret.
  • C - Nanoswarm - EQUIP a Nanoswarm grenade. FIRE to throw the grenade. Upon landing, the Nanoswarm goes covert. ACTIVATE the Nanoswarm to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots.
  • X (Ultimate Ability) - Lockdown - EQUIP the Lockdown device. FIRE to deploy the device. After a long windup, the device Detains all enemies caught in the radius. The device can be destroyed by enemies.

Killjoy definitely gives us the vibe of a defensive agent at first glance. The thing is, she'll also be great as an attacker as her ability to hold down a bomb site is rather impressive.

Her agent contract will feature:

  • Three sprays
  • Two Titles
  • One Gun Buddy
  • One Player Card
Here are our News:

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