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K1CK Neosurf’s march in EU Masters continues

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Eu masters quarterfinals kick neosurf versus gamers origin background

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Poland’s K1CK Neosurf defeated French champions GamersOrigin to continue their string of victories in the LoL EU Masters tournament. The team that started in the play-in stage will now go on to the semifinals.

How K1CK Neosurf got there

K1CK Neosurf fought their way to the playoffs, first taking a group seed through the play-ins and then coming second in a three-way tie that saw them eliminate DACH champion FC Schalke 04 Evolution. GamersOrigin, meanwhile, entered the main event as the French regional league champions and took sole first place in group A to secure their playoff spot.

Game 1: Forceful start for K1CK

K1CK started strong, with several kills going to their ADC and top laner in the first 10 minutes. The Polish squad was soon ahead in all lanes and they played like it, with top laner Marcin “iBo” Lebuda leading the charge.

While they were occasionally getting burned , their loose aggressive style won them more fights than it cost them. The team secured an infernal soul 23 minutes in and followed it with a series of smashing fights, ending the game after a 4-0 massacre just 26 minutes in.

Game 2: GO return to form

The Polish squad had another good start, taking the first blood and a minor gold lead.

Video credit: Riot Games

However, their aggression backfired when they tried to contest an early herald, resulting in five kills for GamersOrigin and Loic “toucouille” Dubois’ Zoe was soon very fed and very scary.

The French side was 7K gold ahead just 17 minutes in and while cautious, they remained in control throughout the game. It would take 15 more minutes for them to put K1CK down after yet another great Miss Fortune ultimate from Ludvig “XDSMILEY” Erik Hugo Granquist.

Why Miss Fortune? Oh, she’s OP now.

Game 3: iBo will not be denied

The decider game started with both teams being even, but as the early game came to a close, the Polish team had an advantage in gold, kills, and neutral objectives While GamersOrigin eventually narrowed the gap, much of their damage was on XDSMILEY’s Miss Fortune.

Video credit: Riot Games

At 28 minutes in, however, K1CK caught him in a Bard ultimate and iBo’s Aatrox flew in to smash him into the ground. Without their main carry, GamersOrigin were aced and could do nothing as K1CK crushed their base and their rivals’ hopes to go to the semifinal.

Eu masters quarterfinals kick neosurf versus gamers origin kick win

A deserved victory (Image credit: Riot Games)

It is a great success for a team that fought its way from the play-ins and is now joining the semifinals. Poland is now the only region with two teams, and their fans are dreaming about an all-Polish final.

Eu masters quarterfinals kick neosurf versus gamers origin semifinal matches

The semifinals are shaping up to be interesting. (Image credit: Riot Games)

The EU Masters continues on Saturday with the semifinals, AGO ROGUE vs LDLC OL and Movistar Riders vs K1CK Neosurf. If you want to follow their path so far, check out our coverage of the tournament:


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